Big Gipp Talks New Record Deal With Epic Records And "Mr. Get Down"

BIG GIPP HAS NEW DEAL recently sat down with Atlanta legend Big Gipp of the Goodie Mob to talk to him about his new mixtape “Mr. Get Down”. During the conversation Gipp talks about his new deal with Epic Records as well as the Outkast Atlast concerts in Atlanta.
“It was great to see over 30,000 people come out everyday from Friday to Sunday to see us perform our music… That really touch my heart and inspired me to drop new music.”
Furthermore Gipp talked about how his new hit single “Sugar Cocoa & Honey” featuring Bruno Mars came about as well as the inspiration behind “Boxed Up Shawty” which is another single off of the “Mr. Get Down” mixtape.
“Boxed Up Shawty” ..” I just wanted to pull the Lac out and remind folks of what we built this city on.. I just wanted to show people that Gipp still can do that.. I can pull one of the Lacs out of storage, drop the top and hit ave just to show people that I aint never scared of my people and I’m always gonna make music for my people..”
Stay tuned because in part 2 of this interview Gipp talks about Goodie Mob’s 20 year anniversary and his thoughts on Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and  police brutality in the community. Interview by Brian Hightower (@bhighatl)