Big Gipp Talks "Soul Food" 20th Anniversary And Recreational Rivalry With Diddy

BIG GIPP SAYS PUFF DADDY INSPIRED HIM recently sat down with Big Gipp of the Goodie Mob to talk about the 20th anniversary of their southern classic album “Soul Food”. During the discussion Gipp also talked about recording the album at Curtis Mayfield’s house in southwest Atlanta.

“We recorded that album at the great Curtis Mayfield’s house. I think that made us have to work harder. We had to do something great. Because at anytime he could come home and be like, “Why yall recording this bullsh@$ in my house?” So we always made sure we were doing some great music so just in case he came home and heard it. He would be like I respect that.”
Furthermore Gipp talked about how Puff Daddy inspired one of their songs. We were playing basketball against Bad Boy at the Dungeon.. Puffy comes down with some New York Knicks to the game.. He got professional basketball players against us in the hood. lol They beat us but then we played football. We were supposed to be playing Flag football but we were out there tackling. We took that aggression and recorded “Fly Away” for the Still Standing album” Check out the interview below