Bizzy Bone: The Understanding

Straight up, Bizzy Bone is confounding. But when he interviewed with a Houston-based radio station earlier this year, his enigmatic mystique grew in monolithic proportions. Bizzy, once was a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, attempted to explain his seemingly erratic, odd and even daunting behavior that day. But, the world didn’t seem to acknowledge […]

Straight up, Bizzy Bone is confounding. But when he interviewed with a Houston-based radio station earlier this year, his enigmatic mystique grew in monolithic proportions. Bizzy, once was a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, attempted to explain his seemingly erratic, odd and even daunting behavior that day. But, the world didn’t seem to acknowledge what he was attempting to justify. That is about to change. The Cleveland native delves deep into his own bottomless psyche and went along for the ride. So what’s up, man? Do you wanna, I mean, you know, there’s already speculation going on and website stuff

Bizzy Bone: I don’t know why this speculation ain’t turned into no money, man. I seen the record sales boost up. I don’t understand it. Well, you know, it’s just been a lot of different things that’s been going on. Like the album is so close to 500,000 copies. We were making five bucks on the album. And, for some reason, nobody can get my money. As far as the J Records thing went, the fellows put together eight songs, and it was three of ‘em on the songs. The songs sounded terrific. I went down to New York. I seen Swizz Beats at the parties, and I was in New York for a month just in order to ad my vocals on top of it. No one’s utilized that. What’s your reaction to that?

Bizzy Bone: What I said was, “Well, obviously they’re not as serious as I am. I’m not gonna fret over it. I’m not gonna sweat it.” I already don’t have anywhere to live right now. I’m hotel to hotel. I mean all of my clothes, my bags, my suitcases, and everything was thrown out of my house I used to live. These have been some strange times. Have you felt they were embarrassing you, or were you wrong at the radio station in Houston?

Bizzy Bone: I didn’t feel like they were doing me wrong, but the DJ actually called and said, “Look, I want to apologize.” I said, “Buddy, you didn’t have to apologize. Man, that stuff got played on the Russ Parr show.” You know, and then when I—then when the Russ Parr show gives me a call, I’m, you know, I’m very calm, very, very collected, and, you know, they, you know, they rushed me off the phone. They didn’t even want insight. And they understood, okay, this dude has his wits about him. Right, right.

Bizzy Bone: And so a lot of people will go crazy from the s**t that has been happening, but you know, to much is given, much is required, in order to be a good leader, you have to be a good follower, and I think that that p##### off a lot of people…that I wasn’t stone cold f**king nutty crazy. So you weren’t on anything that day?

Bizzy Bone: Oh, yeah, a beer. Beer, okay.

Bizzy Bone: I think I had some Long Island Iced Teas. Okay.

Bizzy Bone: [I didn’t] smoke no weed, I mean I’m not on anything on any day. I don’t do dope. I don’t do cocaine. Never have done that. Never have been on that, never. Okay.

Bizzy Bone: You know what I’m saying? I mean if you just imagine if I did with everything that’s going on in my head, I would probably be dead by now. No, no, now, there were some times in that interview where your voice seemed almost demonic, and I’m not trying to degrade you or anything like that, but—

Bizzy Bone: Well, I mean that’s the same thing that goes down with the [Record Industry]. These people put demons drawn inside of the album cover. I have yet to see anybody in the world with horns sticking out of their f**king heads. Right.

Bizzy Bone: It’s a beam of light that needs to be controlled. At any time that some bulls**t jumps off, you can sense with your tongue, and say, “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.” Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: You know, we don’t play no games, you know what I mean? We’re not afraid to stand up and say no. We’re not afraid to take a punch in the face. Right.

Bizzy Bone: As it was written down in, you know, on the Internet, that happened down, when I got back to Columbus, you know what I’m saying, in my home city. I’m in the club getting my boogie on, just happy that I don’t have to walk like that anymore. Happy that I can understand what’s going on around the world and understand about the number game and the different things that was never understood before, and I get punched in my face. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: You know, I get beat up and jumped on, and I didn’t say retaliation. Right.

Bizzy Bone: I said, “You know what? I take it on the chin, and I keep on moving, and I love whoever did it. Tell him that I love him.” Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: And that probably p##### him off more than anything could have. And I don’t know why love p##### people off, but now you understand how people succumb to hatred. This spiritual awakening is interesting because some of Bone’s earlier works did seem to tread on—it almost seemed like devil worship, like sometimes you guys had like fire coming off the dome and I’m—

Bizzy Bone: Remember, remember the promotion. Remember what people succumbed to. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: And remember who was in charge. You know what I’m saying? These are the words that were coming out of my mouth. Remember what Eazy said. You know what I’m saying? But this is before Eazy died, though.

Bizzy Bone: But you remember what Eazy said. Right.

Bizzy Bone: Remember what he said? Remember “Still a N*gga”? He called his-self the son-in-law of… The devil.

Bizzy Bone: Oh, well, so, I mean when you’re dealing with that type of a level, of course they’re gonna try to put it on you like that. Oh, I know exactly what you mean.

Bizzy Bone: So I had no—I wasn’t even able to give a clearance for the artwork. They throw these things on you. Right.

Bizzy Bone: So you know what I’m saying, it gives the impression out, and that’s why you may see a person like myself stand up and say, “Hold up. It is not about that.” Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: [For anybody] to play my spirituality like it’s wimpy or it’s weak.

I’m standing, and I’m gonna stand, and I’m gonna praise God, and must bow in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and they don’t have to believe that. That’s cool. That’s fine. But, you know, it’s 2005 at this point. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: And it’s a serious time. It’s a serious weather issue. Right, right, right, right. Now, let me ask you this. And I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way.

Bizzy Bone: Speak your mind. But some people have, you know, made reference to your sexuality or whatever.

Bizzy Bone: Hey, man, look here, man, like, just like on America’s Most Wanted, everybody knew I was molested. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: Everybody know that, man. Everybody know about me. Whenever in the darkness, come to the light, man, you know what I’m saying? Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: Whenever in the darkness, I love women. You know what I’m saying? It ain’t my fault that motherf**kers around me and see something extra special, and they try to get ahold on me. I’m not on that s**t. Yeah, right.

Bizzy Bone: Whatever’s in the darkness, come to the light. I mean, s**t, I could tell you every woman that I done banged. I could tell you that I got, s**t, like 15 children. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: You know what I’m saying? But I’m not up here sleeping with no man. I mean I wouldn’t [believe] what nobody say about my sexuality. Right.

Bizzy Bone: Thank you very much. One trillion dollars, send the money, that’s how I feel. You tell ‘em all. Send the money, baby. You know, it’s a lot of questions about a lot of peoples’ sexuality. But I’m walking in truth. Anything that can happen in my life, everybody knows that I have no problem with them knowing. I mean, but, honestly, what they want to know? S**t. I mean why ask me a question? Just tell me you want to f**k me. Right, right.

Bizzy Bone: Just say, “Hey, man, I like to stick it to you.” We’ll see if I let you stick it to me, and then we’ll go from there. Right.

Bizzy Bone: And then, you know, I mean what’s so funny about that s**t is I think about the brothers in prison – brothers in prison gotta deal with that s**t every motherf**king single day just around them. I don’t f**k like that. Right.

Bizzy Bone: So what the f**k. You feel me? So I mean that’s just how I feel, and the ideologies don’t make no motherf**king sense. You keep that s**t moving. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: More so than somebody who was looking like living with a man. Yeah. All right, all right. And, now, Bone, I mean, I’m a little confused. I saw you all at the Run-DMC, the benefit performance a few weeks ago, whatever, and I thought you guys were signing with DMC’s label. That’s not the case?

Bizzy Bone: Well, like I told you before, they put the music together, and, actually, that DMC thing was a [trip]. [But] for Clive Davis and the J Records thing, [to not] take advantage of me being in the New York for a month and put me on the track. I took that as them not being serious, and, you know, kept moving. You gotta remember, I’m homeless, buddy. Yeah. How is your family? Have you spoken to your family?

Bizzy Bone: Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve talked to baby mamas and stuff. You know, I’m a Western Union-type of dude. You know what I’m saying? You know, I do guest appearances. There are people around this country and around this world that are willing to send money in. Yeah.

Bizzy Bone: You know what I’m saying? But, you know, at the same time, some things people have heard, you know, from the Lil’ Flip to the, you know, this is a different phase that we’ve been able to be a part of that meant so much to my family, and, you know, we just working as hard as we can. I don’t sell drugs. Okay, all right, all right. Do you have any final statement or comments?

Bizzy Bone: I just want you to know, thank you very, very much. I appreciate you addressing some of the most important questions and some of the most important issues and allowing me the time to be able to speak, and I just want you to tell Alicia Keys I love her. I did not know her—I thought her last name was Keys, but to find out it’s Cook. So, you know, I just wanted to let her know – hey, keep doing what you do. You’re beautiful.