Bone Crusher: No Escapin This

Bone Crusher has spent over 10 years in the rap game’s wings, waiting for his chance to soar. Waiting patiently and learning from some of the industry’s most successful moguls, Bone Crusher absorbed the knowledge of those around him and is ready to drop it on the rest of the world. Underlying his violent content, […]

Bone Crusher has spent over 10 years in the rap

game’s wings, waiting for his chance to soar. Waiting patiently and learning

from some of the industry’s most successful moguls, Bone Crusher absorbed the

knowledge of those around him and is ready to drop it on the rest of the world.

Underlying his violent content, there is a positive message to be found.


Bone Crusher getting it in with and read the interview


AHH: "Never Scared" is a huge hit.

How does it feel to have one of hottest, if not the hottest club bangers out

in Hip Hop right now?

BC: Outstanding, it’s one word "Van glorious."

When I be in the club and they put my record on I be like "whoooo…WOW!

I’ve created a monster"!

AHH: When you wrote the record, did you expect

for it to have such an effect or impact on people especially in the clubs?

BC: Ummm… yeah! I did. You know, I been

studyin’ a long time about ten years in the game, ya’ know what I’m sayin? So

I had a chance to learn what is a hit and what aint a hit. I been around some

of the big moguls, the L.A Reid’s and the Jermaine Dupri’s and you know it was

a situation where I had studied so long it was like studyin’ for a test. If

you study all day, all week…Somebody says "you got an "A",

Did you expect to get an "A"? "YEAH! I studied all week, all

month for this, yes". It’s like wit’ this music thing I studied for so

many years I went from elementary school, to high school to college, now I’m

in the pros and a lot of Hip Hop guys don’t get an opportunity to do that.

AHH: You mention names like L.A. Reid, Jermaine

Dupri… What type of tutelage and experience did you get from bein’ around


BC: Well you know, just bein’ around those cats

man… you listen. My grandfather told me that a great leader had to be a

follower at one time in his life. So you have to listen. I wouldn’t really ask

them (Reid, Dupri) no questions I’d just listen. All the great rappers that

I’ve been around I listen to ’em, I learn from their failures and their successes.

I was blessed to be around a lot of those people, it was just fantastic, you


AHH: What is happening at the shows you’re doing

that make it seem like more and more clubs are "Always Scared" to

book you?

BC: I aint had that problem where they scared

to book me. We have a problem right now wit’ turnin’ people away. The thing

is that when people see my show they have to have it. It’s a situation where

I feel I got one of the best shows in Hip Hop if not the best show in the world.

I can go against the best rock group and win. I can go against the "Stones"

(Rolling Stones) right now. I can go to their crowd and have a "Vanglorious"

event, you know what I’m sayin’? I just did Conan O’Brien last night the crowd

was all white. I rocked ’em. I’m talkin’ thirty and forty year old white people

that don’t listen to rap music. I rocked ’em! You know what I’m sayin, Because

I’m not scared to have a good time. Whether you’re black, white, green or purple

people will recognize when you’re havin’ a good time and you enjoy what you’re

doin’, then they start havin’ a good time.

AHH: So your message is a positive thing. You’re

tellin’ us Look! Don’t be scared to do you and get out there, follow your dreams,

goals and do what you gon’ do cause that’s what Bone Crushers doin’?

BC: Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. Radio was

scared of the record at first because of what I said, but the clubs and the

people started feelin’ a certain way. Like one time this guy called the radio

station when I was in one of these cities and was like "the record is real

violent. How do you feel about aiding violence in America?" I told him

"man lemme tell you somethin’, I’m in this game to reach the people. In

order to reach people I have to get down there wit’ them in the trenches. If

I can’t get down there in the trenches with the people, I’m not reachin’ them."

The greatest speakers are those that can reach the people. I gotta get down

there in the dirt wit’ them. If you remember your favorite teacher in high school

that you respect, it was that guy who talked like you talked.

AHH: Yeah, kinda like a captain or a general

in the army whose ready to die with his troops.

BC: Yeah, exactly.

AHH: You seem to be highly intelligent, but your

lyrics are violent. What can people who are lookin’ forward to your album expect?

Are their more positive messages underlying all the violent content?

BC: Yeah, on my album I have songs that get it

crunk and keep it very real from a street perspective and songs that are enlightening

in a street and more blatantly positive way. We as people are contradictive

every day. We are different every day, no one is the same every day. That’s

like me sayin’ to you, today I’m gon’ be happy, tomorrow I’m a be happy, the

day after that I’m a be happy and the day after that I’m a be extra happy. We

have to understand as people that it’s o.k. one day to be like "man, I’m

mad as hell", and tomorrow "I’m not really that mad, dog today I feel

good". We have to understand that we are everything and we as black people

are not what they depict us to be. We as a people have to embrace the fact that

"we are colorful, we are creative, we are the GREATEST THING TO TOUCH THE

PLANET." If you’re a garbage man, be the best garbage man. That way people

see your culture. When people see you they see your people, your culture. Like

yesterday we was at the show and they brought us a whole bunch of fried chicken

and fruit…

AHH: That’s always good

BC: right! But one of my homeboys saw it like

it was a problem. He said "man why they always bringin’ us fried chicken

man?" I told him cause black folk eat fried chicken dog! That’s what we

do, we eat fried chicken and we eat watermelon. That’s our culture.

AHH: True, if they would have brought somethin’

else he probably would have really had a problem…

BC: yeah, he’d a been mad about that, like "What

is this? I want some chicken (laughing)! If there’s another race of people at

the table and you bring them something you know they like, they’ll be like "THANK

YOU!" They’ll look at you with more respect for knowing something about

them and respecting that about them. Every body I know that’s black eats fried


AHH: So let me ask you this… Is there one

incident in your life that brought about and made you go with the whole "Never

Scared" philosophy?

BC: Nah man, it’s a whole bunch of things. My

Grand Daddy, my Grand Momma, my Momma instilled in me the positive sense of

being strong and being successful. Of course you stray but eventually you come

back because if you got a good foundation, the whole house can fall apart, but

you can always rebuild on that foundation. So it was a good upbringing…

if you will, and that’s why I’m here today, realistically. My father wasn’t

around but I had my Grand Daddy, that was my pop Rest In Peace baby (Puts fist

in the air). Right now he would be so proud of me because I did what I said

I was gon’ do. It took me ten years but he told me never to quit, continue to

strive if you believe in it, do it and be the best at it. And that’s what it

is, whatever you start you finish it. I’m finishin’ it!