Busta Rhymes: Come Clean Part Two

AllHipHop.com: Everyone has a favorite Busta album, but in my opinion you really shine the most on remixes. Is that because coming from a group setting you had to work harder than a solo MC or is it just the challenge of being around other great MC’s? Busta Rhymes: My goal when I jump on […]

AllHipHop.com: Everyone has a favorite Busta album, but in my opinion you really shine the most on remixes. Is that because coming from a group setting you had to work harder than a solo MC or is it just the challenge of being around other great MC’s?

Busta Rhymes: My goal when I jump on those remixes, is for that woman or that man to say I killed it. I mean I have been on some joints with heavyweights, so if I am not the favorite MC out the bunch, that’s fine. But I always want them to say my verse ripped everyone else’s, because you only get one chance to really express yourself on someone else’s record. So I treat every opportunity like my last when I am rhyming with other MC’s because if you are nice with the pen and the delivery muthaf**kas are already screening for you, so I am going to take every opportunity to shine because you never know if you will ever get to rap with these MC’s again.

AllHipHop.com: On another note, you know the biggest question on everyone’s mind is what’s up with the Flipmode Squad? Are they on hiatus because when you left Elektra, Rah Digga followed you over to J Records and shortly before you left, she was about to drop her solo album.

Busta Rhymes: Well actually they all followed me. The only reason why you really feel more of a presence from Rah Digga is because she was the one ready to release and album and she was the one that was ready to do more of a solo project. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the Flipmode got caught up in the political dumb s**t that I was going through as I was leaving J Records. So without me being at J Records, Rah Digga didn’t really have the support on the strength or the bargaining power that she needed to support her project. So I didn’t want to leave her in a death trap, especially when I see how J Records was treating all of their other artists. So I took her with me, everyone in Flipmode is with me; the only thing is that things have to work in stages and structures but everything I do will be beneficial for the grand scheme of things.

AllHipHop.com: As far as being signed to Aftermath, everyone hasn’t seen too many different sides to Busta, other than the animated, party joint side; so a lot of people were a little shocked when they heard your verse on the “Never Scared” remix, although you continue to divulge a little more of yourself with each album. With that being said, with all the beef coming from over there with G-Unit, are fans going to start hearing you spit more disses because there is word that you have a song called “F**kin’ Up the Game” and it features 50 Cent.

Busta Rhymes: Well to set the record straight, I don’t have a song on my album called “F*ckin’ Up the Game”. For two, I don’t have beef with nobody in the industry and never have, with the exception of me and Ja Rule, but we addressed it accordingly. The only reason it went down like that after he said what he said on his record, was because we used to be cool when he did that. I guess he felt obligated to diss everyone at Violator, which is my management company, when 50 came over there. Now of course me and 50 is on the same team and I rep my for my team and who ever is on my team. Now if you don’t like it, f**k you. But at the end of the day, if me and you are cool and you have an issue with something before you publicly disrespect me, you better try to call me or get at my peoples so we can talk about whatever differences that we have. Because I am that type of person, I am very confrontational; I don’t want to go to bed knowing that there is unresolved issues that I have to wake up to tomorrow.

But as a man, I got kids and an integrity, morally and principally that I am going to defend to the death bed. If a muthaf**ka crosses the line, we are going to deal with that on whatever level necessary. I have never been one to promote going out there tearing somebody’s head off, but if it’s in self-defense I support it fully.

AllHipHop.com: Looking back over your career, is there any point in your life whether professional or personal that you would change?

Busta Rhymes: I really feel like after going through all these years with making these records and situations, I feel that I am finally receiving my reward and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The only thing I wish is that the stuff I know now, I wish I knew when I made my first deal. But now I am on Aftermath and even though I have so many years of experience, I really feel like I am getting a chance to do it all over again, but with all the information that I have always wished I had in the beginning when I did my deal with Elektra.

AllHipHop.com: You have always been a spiritual type of person and it’s no secret that you are a part of the Five Percent Nation, with all the controversy surrounding Eminem and the tape; what is your take on the situation? Because as a Black female, I personally don’t feel he apologized for it and all though he said it when he was sixteen, the fact still remains he said it.

Busta Rhymes: My experience with Eminem now, is a major respectful one. We really don’t get to see him that often, because everybody pretty much has their own things and their own crew so we only see each other if it’s work related. I can say I have never had a problem with him, I ain’t never heard him say, “n#####” on no record since his career started. When he was sixteen, our culture didn’t embrace him because he didn’t have a record or a record deal, so he was going through something personal at the time. We all have our way of dealing with s**t and I am not justifying it by no means because if a White dude call me a n#####, we going to have problems. But I don’t just hold him responsible because it could have something to do with his upbringing or whatever. I mean he’s a White man and his family is White, so of course they are going to be on some pro-White s**t, just like we being Black, were raised on the pro-Black, so it really shouldn’t be surprising. I think the worst type of racist is the one who acts a totally different way than they feel. So as far as I am concerned I ain’t mad at Em, I am mad at a lot of muthaf**kas who are Black like me but they don’t even help they own, they don’t even support they own, they don’t even respect they own, so f**k them n***as.

AllHipHop.com: You have recently sat into the producers seat working on Raekwon’s upcoming album, what made you want to venture into the area of producer and is this a move that you are planning on making permanently?

Busta Rhymes: I hopped on Raekwon’s project because Raekwon and Ghost to me, just put me on another level, musically – the whole Wu-Tang did. The always seemed on some other s**t to me, I have never seen a nine-man clique that all had solo deals on different labels, while being housed as a group under another one; that was unheard of back on the day until they did it first of all. Number two, their dynamic was so different from each other, it reminded you of the old school super-hero cartoons where each one had their own intro, I mean Wu is like that they have their own swagger and that is just unbelievable to me. They whole movement was historic and no one has done it like they have done it. I told Raekwon that he didn’t need to make another album he needed to make another movie because Cuban Linx played like a movie, that whole album from the packaging to the color of the tape was classic. So I just hollered at him and told him he needed to recapture that. But honestly, I feel like I just sparked the energy and I am there for moral support. I mean I heard hot beats that I couldn’t use and I felt was right for him I slid them to him and we just worked like that. But as far as beats and all that, he and RZA have teamed up and created some sh*t that made my eyes water yo. Like on some emotional s**t, I may be a little biased but this album is going to be some fire.

AllHipHop.com: With all the groups reuniting to give a taste of the old school to the new school, what are the chances of you linking back up with the guys to do a Leaders of the New School album or tour?

Busta Rhymes: I would do it only if Charlie Brown wouldn’t be there.

AllHipHop.com: You guys still have beef after all these years?

Busta Rhymes: I mean there isn’t really a beef, there are just a lot of unresolved issues that he ain’t willing to speak to me about. Like I said I am a very confrontational person, and for things to go down like they did ain’t cool. I still see Dinco and Milo and we chill, we give love and it feels like the group never broke up. But it ain’t the same with Brown and when I really blow up like I want to, I am going to take care of D and Milo because that’s my fam and they will always be my fam.

AllHipHop.com: All in all what do you say is the overall legacy of your career?

Busta Rhymes: That everything comes full circle, if you look at the themes of my album it was like a telling what was about to happen. Like I said before, I find it real ironic that this being my 7th album and being ironic that this is 2005, it’s like everything is finally working out and I just feel blessed to experience all that God has allowed me to, in such a way that I am able to not only express myself creatively but reach people.