Charli Baltimore: The Long Kiss, Pt. 2 (Lil’ Kim, Faith & Living B.I.G.)

Catch up…Charli Baltimore: The B.I.G. Picture, Pt. 1 They show in Notorious Biggie building the character of Lil’ Kim. How instrumental was Biggie in the building of Charli Baltimore?   Charli Baltimore: I’ve always been me. My style is my style. I guess that’s why Big liked me. Big would come to me […]

Catch up…Charli Baltimore: The B.I.G. Picture, Pt. 1

They show in Notorious Biggie building the character of Lil’ Kim. How

instrumental was Biggie in the building of Charli Baltimore?


Charli Baltimore:

I’ve always been me. My style is my style. I guess that’s why Big liked me. Big

would come to me for advice about Kim. He was building an artist. As far as I

was concerned, I never really had the chance because Big passed before we were

able to capitalize or move forward with The Commission, which was our group. As

far as [Kim’s] style is concerned, I don’t think you can make somebody an

anything. He definitely asked me my advice like what do you think about Kim and

how should I approach this and that. I always offered my input. At the end of

the day, she still came out the way she came out.

The VIBE article that recently came

out talks about how Kim had a problem with this film; she didn’t like how she

was portrayed. In the film, she’s a really sympathetic character because she’s getting thrown around the soundbooth by Big, and she’s

crying like, “Why doesn’t he love me?” Another thing that she had a problem

with was Naturi Naughton being too dark and how she wanted Christina Milian to

portray her because she felt it was more accurate.


Charli Baltimore:

Wanted Christina Milian to portray her as Lil’ Kim? I wasn’t aware they were

the same complexion [laughs]. Again I didn’t see the movie but last I checked,

well I don’t know what color she is right now, but she was brown-skinned. Maybe

she’s light-skinned now. I don’t know. People change skin tones in this day and

age. I can’t see Christina Milian portraying Lil Kim. That’s not…that seems

really weird to me, but you know, to each his own.

Junior M.A.F.I.A. f/ The Notorious B.I.G. “Get Money” Video

They showed some violent scenes between Lil’ Kim and Big. Did you witness any

of that?


Charli Baltimore:

The only violence I ever saw was a situation where Big and I were together on

the bus and my clothes were strewn all over the bus and I couldn’t figure out

why…I didn’t know what was going on at the time. I said, “Why are my clothes

all over the bus like this? They were folded up nice and neat.” We were in the

back of the bus and I walked off the bus and when I was coming back on…Kim was

getting kicked off the bus…foot to her butt, onto the ground. She had rummaged

through my clothing, Big was upset about it and he kicked her on the butt off

the bus. That was the only violence I’ve ever seen between them.


I mean he’s never touched me on a physical level of any

sort, so I don’t know. But like I said, it was a while before I knew they had a

personal relationship. We were in videos and everything together, Kim and I. We

spoke, we had conversations and everything. Things got a little out of hand

towards the end, but it was never anything physical, nah. Not with me and her

anyway. I’ve never seen Big strike her. I’ve overheard conversations…later, not

during that time…when I came into the industry where it was a weird

conversation I overheard that said when you have a female artist, there’s

always someone that needs to have sex with that person to gain control over the



I felt like that was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard

and it was a conversation actually between Un and Big. So I guess they were

debating who should have sexual control over the situation to garner control of

the project, because towards the end of Kim’s project there were a lot of

problems. So I would say other than that, no I’ve never seen anything.

You and Kim were in the “Get Money” video together…you play Faith.


Charli Baltimore:

That’s another thing I’d love to clear up, please, if we can. I’ve said this a

zillion times and for some reason people just never listen…I was not playing

Faith in that video. I’m a Philly girl. They dye their hair all different

colors. I actually had blonde short hair at the time, and I’m a teenager. I’m a

teenager, never been in a video…I’m not thinking if I have blonde hair I’m

going to be perceived as Faith. That was not the intention. I would never as a

woman, a self-respecting woman, portray another woman in a video. Unless we’re

doing a movie and we’re doing some sort of biopic, I’d never portray Faith in a



I was portraying the person that Big was talking about in

the song. It wasn’t Faith either, it was just a record. It was never directed

towards Faith. If I had brown hair, they would have never said anything of the

sort. Just to clarify that, Big told me, “Yo, before we do this video ma,

please dye you hair back brown.” I’m a Philly girl, at the time I’m wearing

weave, I’m like, “No n***a I done dyed my hair blonde, I’m not dying it back

brown. I’m standing my ground with the blonde hair.”


If I would have known the repercussions that came behind me

having this hair, and people saying I was dissing Faith or portraying her in

any sense, I would have never done it. Big did definitely asked me to change my

hair color. So no, as a self-respecting female, I would never portray another

woman, especially someone’s wife in a video. I would never do that so I’d like

to clear that up. That was never the case. I just so happened to coincidentally

have blonde hair and that’s that.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. It sounds like there’s no animosity between

you and Faith. Was it always cool with you guys or is it just that you’re so

far past it now that it’s just like kind of whatever?


Charli Baltimore:

We had our bad moments, but at the end of the day once her and Big were

completely separated, she was quite respectful towards me and vice versa. I

mean we’ve had slight disagreements. Nothing ever physical, not to that extent.

We’ve had conversations about Big just like any other women do. They weren’t

together. People make it seem like mistress, blah blah blah…they weren’t

together. Faith had moved on with her life. You know and soon after Big died

she was married. I don’t know how long after he died but she remarried so, you


You had been living with Big around the time of his passing. Is that correct?


Charli Baltimore:

I had my own place. I stayed with Big from time to time…I had keys. I wasn’t

living there per se but I would stay there from time to time. Big had n****s

that lived in that house. If I’ma live with somebody it needs to be just be me

and that person. So

Kim obviously knew that you were with Biggie?


Charli Baltimore: Umm-hmm. She saw us

together many times, I guess she was just not allowed to speak on it. I don’t

know. I have no idea. I don’t know how that situation goes, because if I’m with

somebody and I’m their girlfriend and there’s somebody else involved, I’m going

to speak on it. I’ve been in the studio with Kim, I’ve been in Kim’s company,

she’s seen all types of jewelery and cars and everything else Big bought me and

never had much to say so I don’t understand where the girlfriend thing comes in


When you learned that something was still going on between the two of them, was

this when Big was still alive or you found out after the fact?


Charli Baltimore:

I knew towards the end, me and Kim had an argument. Me

and Kim had a pretty heated argument where…oh yea that turned into a little

violent incident [between Big and Kim] from what I understand. I didn’t

witness, it but I heard about it. Oh

between him and her?


Charli Baltimore:

Between Big and her for her disclosing information to me that I guess she

wasn’t supposed to disclose.

Did you know Big the longest out of you, Faith, and Kim?


Charli Baltimore: No I didn’t actually. They knew him way

before I did. From what I understand Kim was Big’s babysitter or something to

that effect. I came in during the whole separation period. Big had his own

place, Faith had her own place and I don’t know where Kim lived. I only saw her

in the studio and on the road.

Any final thoughts that you wanted to clear up regarding you and Biggie?


Charli Baltimore: Well anybody that knows Big, or D-Roc or

Cease or any person that lived in Big’s house…even Ms. Wallace whether she

wants to believe it or not, knows that I was Big’s girl. I don’t need to say it

every five minutes, I don’t need to throw Big a dinner every year on his

birthday and sit his picture there and pray all praises be to Big. I know what

I had with Big, and I don’t need to explain it to everyone.


The only reason I’m really speaking out on it at this point

is because something got misconstrued over something else that went on. This

really has nothing to do with the movie. This has something to do with an

interview I did that got totally misconstrued last year before the movie was

even popular and getting ready to come out. Honestly, I wasn’t even going to do

any sort of interview or anything about this, but my best friend sort of made

me do it and I did it on the strength of let’s just clarify this right fast.

Because there are some things, there are some facts that are totally wrong and

it’s not cool.


As far as the movie’s concerned, I could care less because

it doesn’t really make me a difference. I know what I had with Big and I don’t

feel as though I need to constantly go over it and explain it to anyone. Big

would turn over in his grave if he saw the circus that was made of his life. I

think the people should focus on his music and leave his personal life where it

is. He has a son and a daughter and that’s great. It’s a shame he’s not here to

see his son and his daughter grow up, and I think that’s what people should think

about. Not about who Big was banging. It was a long time ago. I’m sure every

woman in this world has someone in their past that they’re like geez and I was

dealing with this person, why?


At the end of the day, I was young. People learn from their

mistakes. We all were young at the time. I’m not sitting here saying that

anything anyone was doing was the right thing. The only person that had any

legal obligations to Big was his wife. I’m not going to disrespect anyone in

this conversation, because I don’t know what Big was saying to anybody. Big I’m

sure was saying one thing to Kim, one thing to Faith and another whole thing to

me. I was a teenager so that was one of my first real relationships that I was

a part of. I had never vibed with someone that was separated from a wife. So I

don’t know the ins and outs of how that goes, so you know I learned as I went

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