Choppa: Line Em

New Orleans is quite possibly Hip-Hop’s best-kept secret and Choppa is set to become the Dirty South’s brightest star. At the tender age of 21, No Limit’s newest protégé is on the verge of taking the N.O. to even bigger heights. With his booming voice, unrelenting personality, and aggressive bounce style of music, Choppa is […]

New Orleans is quite possibly Hip-Hop’s best-kept

secret and Choppa is set to become the Dirty South’s brightest star. At the

tender age of 21, No Limit’s newest protégé is on the verge of

taking the N.O. to even bigger heights.

With his booming voice, unrelenting personality,

and aggressive bounce style of music, Choppa is taking his style to places no

one ever thought it would go. He brings the heat with his debut album, properly

titled "Straight From The N.O.," and has got the hometown crowd buzzing

and wanting more.

Since releasing his first single, "Choppa

Style," Hip-Hop fans have begun to appreciate the appeal and free spirit

that club music offers a little more. Not one to just think on a local level,

Choppa is determined to carry his brand of bounce nationwide.

Read as he gives an account of

his life, his newfound fame, and how himself, Master P., and the New No Limit

soldiers plan to raise the bar in Southern Hip-Hop once and for all. We have a lot to cover, but let’s

get into the album a bit. Let the fans know when it’s coming out…the album

is highly anticipated.

Choppa: Well, my album is called "Straight

From The N.O." It comes out March 4th, you know?

AHH: Who can fans look forward to hearing from

on the album other than you?

Choppa: Man, I got my dog B.G., then I got mostly

No Limit after that…you know, P, 5th Ward Weebie, Currency, The Hospital,

you know?

AHH: The whole roster at No Limit has changed

a lot over the years.

Choppa: Yeah, it has. You know how No Limit gets

down…every magazine, you got No Limit "coming soon, coming soon,"

you know.

AHH: Have you been directly affected by any of

the new changes that have occurred at No Limit, or do you use them to work to

your advantage?

Choppa: It’s all good for me because I’m the

leader of it right now.

AHH: Who is responsible for taking over the production

on the album?

Choppa: Well, my album was finished before I

signed to No Limit. I added a couple more tracks to give it that "No Limit

feel." But mostly, it was me.

AHH: How did the situation with No Limit come

to be? It sounds like you were making power moves long before the record deal.

Choppa: Me being in New Orleans, I had the song

"Choppa Style" for like two years, you know what I’m saying? And it’s

been hot down there, but it took awhile, you know? I made myself so hot to where

P had no other choice but to be like, "man, I got to come down there and

holla at this lil’ dude," you know? It was all good, man.

AHH: Who is your main inspiration for doing all

of this, man?

Choppa: My parents.

AHH: That’s unusual because most parents are

against their children listening to Hip-Hop music.

Choppa: The things they used to tell me made

me want to do it more. They used to say "if I knew my homework like I knew

that rap, I’d be making straight A’s." Things like that, I remember, you

know what I’m saying? I’d be like, "OK, I’m going to show y’all!"


AHH: How has having a hit song and a new record

deal improved your life to this point? Are you able to better provide a new

existence for you and yours, or are you looking in that direction later down

the line?

Choppa: Later on down the line because I ain’t

really focusing on it right now. But, later on in life, I be done got my own

record label and everything. I’m really just focusing on putting this first

album out and seeing how it does, you know?

AHH: What kind of response have you gotten from

the hometown crowd thus far?

Choppa: Ah man, they love me down there. I’m

the king of my city, man.

AHH: When the fans see you, they all just flock

your way, huh?

Choppa: It’s cool, you know what I’m saying?

It’s a mutual respect thing. Everybody respects what I’m doing. They saw how

I was grinding and hustling out there.

AHH: For instance, if you go to a mall to cop

you a nice throwback or something…

Choppa: I gets locked!

AHH: They just lock you down in there?

Choppa: Yep.

AHH: Is that sort of attention something that

you can live without, or is it something that you embrace? Many rappers basically

have no privacy because they have achieved a larger than life following.

Choppa: It’s something that I embrace. I love

the attention…that’s what I’m in it for, you know?

AHH: Were you a radio personality at some point,

or just someone that did a lot of work on the radio?

Choppa: I used to be on with Wild Wayne (Q93).

He’s like a big brother to me, you know what I’m saying? We used to have this

thing on the radio called "Nine O’clock Props," and I used to be on

there rapping. I would call at 9:00 and showcase my talent. That was something

for the locals to do. Anybody who had the skills to pay the bills, at 9:00 every

night, you could call the radio station. This was back in ’95 when I used to

do that. I was in middle school back then, man.

AHH: Talk about Master P. for a minute, man.

Is he fair in his business practices, and how is he as a person to work with?

Choppa: He’s a businessman, you know what I’m

saying? He believed in me, so he gave me my shot. He came down there and recruited

me, told me everything he wanted to do with me, with the movies and things,

and everything’s he’s been telling me has been coming true. So, I thank him

for believing in me and putting me out here like this.

AHH: In your opinion, is New Orleans now a wider

open city due to what No Limit and Cash Money have done for the past decade

or so?

Choppa: It is, man. It’s wild down here, man.

AHH: I asked that because I saw the other Choppa

from Bad Boy, and it just seems as if…

Choppa: Man, that dude ain’t from New Orleans,


AHH: (damn near falls out of his chair laughing)

He’s not? He was representing N.O. like he was from there, man!

Choppa: That dude don’t know us, man. He’s from

Maryland somewhere. We did some research, by his name being Choppa. Anybody

from New Orleans knows Choppa, man. I’ve been out for like 2, 3 years now in

New Orleans doing my thing. Everybody knows me from New Orleans. And for him

to just pop up and say his name is Choppa…man, I don’t know what’s going


AHH: Man, that’s funny! That’s definitely the

bite move of the year.

Choppa: He do what he do, and I’m going to do

what I do, man.

AHH: So, what kind of open venues does New Orleans

offer for talented cats that’s trying to break bread in this business?

Choppa: None really. To tell you the truth, we

don’t, because I’m telling you, New Orleans is something tricky, bruh. They

have this trend down there called "bounce music," and most of New

Orleans love bounce music more than they love anything. That’s what "Choppa

Style" is…a bounce song. They said that bounce would never go nationwide,

but I proved them wrong.

AHH: In a nutshell, you wouldn’t recommend out

of town cats to go to New Orleans and try accomplishing musically what they

couldn’t accomplish in their own hood?

Choppa: I wouldn’t recommend that, man. They

got hungry lil’ dudes out there that’ll get you just because you’re there. That’s

like trying to push work on somebody else’s block.

AHH: You said earlier that you were the top man

at No Limit now. Is there any kind of beef or in fighting amongst the label

mates? Is anyone jockeying for position more than they should?

Choppa: Everybody knows there’s a time for everything,

and right now, it’s just my time, you know?

AHH: Let’s switch this conversation over to another

level since we’ve touched all the important topics. Talk about the women, man.

How many pairs of drawls get thrown your way on a daily basis due to your sudden

change of status?

Choppa: Man, they be going crazy, man. They say

the craziest things, too. They just walk up to you and tell you what they want

to do to you. They really don’t know what to say, though. You know when it’s

a fan, and you know when it’s a fan that wants you. They just freeze up on you.

AHH: I bet even the ugly broads try to get at

a brother, right?

Choppa: Ugly broads, fat broads, I don’t discriminate!


AHH: Are there a lot of drugs and drug users

where you come from? Where I come from, crack is king, you know what I mean?

Choppa: They be pushing it down there in New

Orleans kind of heavy. We got it like that…we are the murder capital down

there. It’s wild down there, man…you really got to watch yourself. You

thinking it’s all cool because of Mardi Gras and all that…it goes down

out there. New Orleans is the dirt, man. You got the "dirty dirty,"

and you got the dirt. I come from the dirt, you know? We get everything last…we

can’t even get good smoke sometimes, you know!

AHH: (laughs) Were you involved in the drug game

at any time in your life?

Choppa: My family was, and that’s kept me away

from it. They would always try to keep me away from it because they had already

done it. I was always like a little brother to everybody, and people used to

look out for me in certain situations. I really didn’t have nothing to do because

people around me was doing everything; I was on some other stuff.

AHH: Which project in New Orleans is the dirtiest

project out there, man?

Choppa: All of them, bruh. The Fisher, the Magnolia,

the Callio, the Melph…

AHH: Which one is Master P. from?

Choppa: He’s from the Callio…Juvenile and

them is from the Magnolia.

AHH: If you go out there to those projects, you

would get your wig split wide-open quick, huh?

Choppa: Yeah, they will do you. People down there

have eye problems; they stare at you. That’s a sign of feeling played to people

in New Orleans. When you stare at them, they be like, "what you looking

at?" and start a fight, you know? I’m telling you, it goes down, man. I

wish they would fight more, man. Sneak somebody or something instead of all

that killing, you know?

AHH: Did you ever live in projects, and if you

have, do you still live there?

Choppa: We are getting out of it, you know what

I’m saying? I’m from Marrero. That’s a project with no bricks built, you heard


AHH: I forgot to ask you this earlier. Is there

any kind of rivalry between No Limit and Cash Money that you are aware of? I’m

tired of hearing the rumors, and I want to end them all right now.

Choppa: Nah, we straight, man. I’m cool with

Baby, I’m cool with Lil’ Wayne, I’ve been out on tour with Juvenile, so…

AHH: Two labels from a city not known for its

Hip-Hop roots can get caught up in a lot of hype, you know?

Choppa: I mean, both of them (Master P. and Baby)

are millionaires, so what are they going to tell each other, you know?

AHH: Before I let you go, talk briefly about

the current situation with Iraq. What’s your take on the situation between Bush

and Saddam?

Choppa: That’s fake, man. I think your boy is

just trying to follow in the footsteps of his pops, you know? Chill all that

out, man…just sit down, light up something, get a girl and say "look

here…we don’t need all that over here now!" (laughs)