Chris Martin Of Kid-N-Play Gets Deep With A New Movie, Old Suicidal Thoughts, House Party Reboot + MORE

Chris "Play" Martin

Chris “Play” Martin Of Kid-N-Play has a new movie, “And I Danced” and looking at a reboot of “House Party.”

Chris “Play” Martin Of Kid-N-Play is an iconic artist, actor, producer, emcee and overall great person, but this evolution is the result of a lengthy journey. That journey has lead him to the release of a new movie for fanatics of dance, one of the cornerstones of Hip-Hop Culture. “And I Danced” runs through the rich history of dance, dancers and the vast impact the culture has had on us all.

“And I Danced” is not the only thing he’s given the dance community. Play also explains how the infamous “kick step dance” between him and Chris “Kid” Reid REALLY came about. He also discusses his outright struggle to overcome the incredible success he’s attained. Now living a far more righteous live, Play discusses what lead up to putting a gun to his head and almost ending it all.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talks to the man, who would only consider being in a House Party reboot under certain conditions.