Andy Mineo Is Not What You Thought He Was

Andy Mineo has taken his positive message to new levels, but don’t you dare call him a Christian rapper.

(AllHipHop Features) Andy Mineo has had a long history of pushing the boundaries of acceptable norms in Hip-Hop. The Syracuse, New York, native has been a staple amongst different subsets of Hip-Hop, including what people have inaccurately labeled Christian Rap, but his newest project Work in Progress, offers fresh, revealing introspection on Mineo. He’s got his sights on an ever-expanding audience and galvanizing his existing fanbase. Basically, he’s not interested in being inside any box that you may want to trap him in. “I take a lot of risks creatively, just trying to push to find interesting sounds sonically and lyrical concepts that are usually very vulnerable,” he explains. “I’m very honest in my music and I think that’s the thing that people are most drawn to about what I create.”

Mineo has no problem discussing his growth as an artist over the years, however, during his sit-down with our boy Slops, he reveals that he can take risks in his music because it’s more rewarding for him and his fans. “I‘ve found that when you’re vulnerable in your music it actually creates more unity,” he says. “More people are able to resonate with what you’re saying and understand where you’re coming from.”

By: Slops