A Conversation With LeToya Luckett On ‘Rosewood’ Role, Dionne Warwick Biopic & Hillary Clinton


(AllHipHop Features) LeToya Luckett is quickly becoming an undeniable entertainment double threat. The Houston-born performer already has a Grammy award for her work with Destiny’s Child and a certified platinum album as a solo artist.

While LeToya has established a successful brand as a singer-songwriter, fans have also come to recognize the 35-year-old for her parts in television series such as Treme, Single Ladies, Ballers, and Here We Go Again.

LeToya recently returned to TV thanks to the Fox program Rosewood. Her turn as “Tawnya” on the Morris Chestnut-led medical drama will be followed by another cameo on BET’s Real Husbands Of Hollywood.

Even with those notable appearances on the small screen, the biggest moment in Luckett’s career could take place when a biopic about Dionne Warwick hits theaters. LeToya was tapped to star as the renowned hitmaker, and the anticipated biographical portrayal will give her the opportunity to display both her acting and singing skills.

I caught up with LeToya Luckett to discuss her latest television and movie gigs. We chatted about future musical endeavors and Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy as well.

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Can you talk about your role on Rosewood?

I’m playing a character by the name of Tawnya who’s Rosie’s new love interest. I’m a single mother with an absolutely awesome daughter. I’m learning how to balance a job, personality, life, being a mom – all these different things. In the midst of that, I run into Rosie, and I become very impressed with him.

What was it like starring opposite Morris Chestnut?

He’s so fun to work with. He’s very professional and very respectful. You know, sometimes you get nervous with this love interest thing like, “I don’t really know you and we have to fake like we’re in love.” But he is so great to work with.

Is this your first time doing a medical/police procedural drama?

Yes, it is. I always wanted to. But I’ve always been scared of those scripts, because I’m like, “Oh my God. They have all these crazy medical terms.” But they’re always interesting.

What was it like preparing for that? Because I know sometimes on shows like that you get hit with medical jargon.

It’s challenging, but it’s good. It’s kind of cool because stuff you always wanted to know about, you kind of find that out.

Your career started as a singer and you’ve embraced acting. Do you have any keys on how to successfully make that transition?

Once I decided this is something that I wanted to do, I started going in with my acting coach and given it the time I needed to help me grow and flourish in it. I started going out for auditions. I didn’t take it lightly. I’m very, very serious about my craft.

You were picked for the role in the upcoming Dionne Warwick biopic. What was it like when you found out you’ll be playing an iconic singer? How have you been preparing for that part?

I was ecstatic, over the moon. Ms. Warwick is an icon in my eyes. The fact that she chose me to play her – I was blown away. We’re preparing for everything right now, so I’m going in the studio with her, setting keys for all the songs, talking to her, and doing the whole thing. I’m just really excited. We start filming soon.

The Academy Awards tend to like biopic performances. You’ve already won a Grammy. What would it mean if you were to add an Oscar?

That would be amazing! [laughs] Listen, I would make it my key chain. I would wear it around my neck!

So you do value being acknowledged in that way? The Grammys and Oscars are awarded from your peers.

To be acknowledged by your peers is awesome. I don’t do it for that. I do it for my love and passion for the arts. But I think it’s always cool to get that pat on the back from a lot of people you admire or grew up watching. It’s really cool. It’s a great feeling. If I so happen to one day get an Oscar, I would be over the moon about it.

What are you listening to right now?

There’s a new artist called H.E.R. I love H.E.R. so much. I love Solange’s [A Seat At The Table] record. It’s amazing. I’m an old school girl, so I’m always listening to Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and Michael [Jackson]. I’m somewhere stuck in the 80’s and 90’s.

What about your music? Are you still recording?

I’m done. I just shot my video, so you’ll be hearing something soon.

I saw that you endorsed Hillary Clinton. What is it about her that made you say that’s who you want to vote for this year?

Outside of the fact she’s hopefully going to be the first woman president – that alone is amazing to me. To possibly be able to see that in my lifetime, there are no words for that. I think she’s definitely qualified for the job. I think we’ll be in good hands. And out of the two, she’s definitely my pick. I’m terrified that it could go in the other direction. I believe in her, and I’m definitely open to giving her a chance. She’s obviously very familiar with the White House, seeing as though she’s been our First Lady before. I think she can handle it.


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You referenced her opponent [Donald Trump]. What did you think about his infamous Access Hollywood tape?

It doesn’t surprise me. I think that Mr. Trump is an interesting fellow. At this point, he’s just entertainment and I think that’s where he should stay. Maybe do more reality TV. We don’t need that kind of entertainment in the White House running this country. We need somebody who is qualified for the job. I don’t see that for him.

You’re a singer, actress, and businesswoman. Would you consider adding politician to your résumé?

Nope, not at all. Nope.

You have Rosewood. You talked about your upcoming music. What else can we expect from LeToya Luckett in the coming months?

Definitely more music and more Rosewood. That’s really it for now. If something else presents itself, you guys will be the first to know.

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