D12 Interview (VIDEO)

Watch members of the Dirty Dozen discuss their upcoming project!

The wait is almost over; the highly-anticipated release from D12, The Devil’s Night Mixtape, is set to drop tomorrow!tumblr_nw6bm7HtSy1uvdps4o1_500

Not long ago, AllHipHop had the pleasure and privilege of spending time in the studio with members of the multi-platinum Hip-Hop collective while they wrote to beats, recorded rhymes, and played new songs.  During a brief respite from the work, they spoke with us and hinted at even more music coming down the pike, as well as the goal of pleasing old fans and getting new ones.

If the music I heard is any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem at all; check the video below!!!

S/O to Jeffrey Zaremba for his work behind the camera and Joe Wintruba for his vital role in the editing process.