Did French Montana Get Caught Faking Streams?

Oh No! The streets are saying that French Montana

(AllHipHop Rumors) The king of the beefs right now is 50 Cent, but French Montana is hot on his heels! I am not playing! We are off to a crazy start in 2020 already! Well, while French held his own in the war over some damn cars…he has a different sort of fight right now…a fight of perception!

Somebody named Karlamagne decided to stalk Frenchie to such a degree as to find out why his song suddenly got hot again! Well, this is a story of Spotify and TikTok and then some. Look at some of the tweets.


Hacking? Do you think French Montana has somebody HACK a bunch of people and had them stream the song? I am no tech dude, but this just sounds like an incredible feat in order get steams. Now, make no mistake about it, French Montana ain’t guilty of this yet, but we know that record companies are snake-like entities and they were do ANYTHING to get a hit.

So…here is the label part.


The dude is not advocating for people to block French Montana and change their password. 


I am cracking up at this effort! I am not necessarily angry at it, but the sheer time it took to get it popping against Frenchie! 


But this definitely seems like a “thing.”

What do you think?