DJ Quik: Straight Outta CPT

David “DJ Quik” Blake is considered one of the rap game’s most talented music producers by fans worldwide. As an artist, he was first introduced to us on his early 90’s release Quik Is The Name and became one of the main pillars that the West Coast rap scene was built upon with tracks like […]

David “DJ Quik” Blake is

considered one of the rap game’s most talented

music producers by fans worldwide. As an artist, he was first introduced to us on his early 90’s

release Quik Is The Name and became

one of the main pillars that the West Coast rap scene was built upon with

tracks like “Born and Raised in Compton” and “Tonite.”


DJ Quik followed up the success of

his solo release with other highly acclaimed albums such as Way 2 Fonky, Safe & Sound, and Rhythm-al-ism, which saw him defend the city of

Compton, endure a beef with fellow hometown rapper MC Eiht and even declare

himself not a gangster on 1998’s “You’z A Ganxta.”

The new millennium brought the release of Quik’s

fifth album, Balance & Options,

which was led by the party jam “Pitchin On A Party.” After

the release of Balance & Options,

DJ Quik felt the pain of tragedy as his friend and protégé’ Mausberg was

murdered in the streets of Compton. This issue was addressed on the song “50

Ways” off of his sixth release, Under The



After his seventh release, Trauma, Legal troubles caught up with DJ Quik and he ended up

serving several months in jail for allegedly pulling a gun during a family

dispute. Released from jail, Quik teamed up with his old friend AMG to form The

Fixxers and the two prepared their group album, Midnight Life. The group disbanded after the album was leaked

online however Quik kept himself busy by mixing and producing for Snoop Dogg’s

album Ego Trippin’


Now back in the game, DJ Quik has teamed with West Coast

veteran Kurupt for a duo album called Blaqkout

to be released this spring. The producer/artist recently invited

out to his monthly showcase “Quik’s Groove” which is held at the end of every

month at The Key Club in West Hollywood, to talk about his new moves and what

the future holds for him.                     

Your fans haven’t heard from you in a while. Tell everybody what you’ve been up

to these past few years?


DJ Quik: I’ve

been producing. For the last year I’ve been working with Snoop Dogg and Teddy

Riley. Last summer me and Kurupt went in the studio and did an album together.

We are about to put that out through Universal/Fontana. It’s called Blaqkout and we are ready to drop it on

the world.


Do I Love Her (feat. Suga Free) – DJ Quik

What made you decide to do this collaboration with Kurupt as your first move

back since your Trauma album?  


DJ Quik: My first

move before I do a solo album? I guess because I am getting out of the artist

thing, for me. I could easily just do records for myself but it isn’t fun if I

don’t at least try to unite and unify the West Coast since we are having so

much downtime and not in tune with Atlanta music. That’s all

I’ve been hearing, stuff like, “You guys need to do some crunk music,” or

whatever. We can’t do that! I tried to do that with AMG [as The Fixxers] and

that sh**t got mixed reviews. So I can’t please

everybody. I am just about me now. If people like it, then cool. If they don’t,

then f**k ‘em!


Can U Werk Witdat – The Fixxers

What was it like working with Kurupt for this new Blaqkout album? Was the chemistry there?


DJ Quik: Kurupt

is magic. He’s always been a dope lyricist but it’s been hard to get him with

people that will take him seriously and write records with him and for him

– as opposed to just giving him a beat. You can give him a beat and he’ll

bust over a beat because he’s a freestyle artist but we tailor-made this record

to his style and my style. It’s a mixture of his Philadelphia style and my

Compton style and we did a record that just made f**kin’ sense. It goes over

smooth. It’s like a shot of Patron, ya dig? So

when is the album coming out?


DJ Quik: April 28th.

We are getting the samples cleared and then it will be ready to go.

What’s next for you after this Blaqkout album?


DJ Quik: My own

album! I am going to go ahead and do DJ Quik. That’s going to come around

Christmas time. We are going to go do the Blaqkout Tour and have fun during the

summer. We are going to wild out on stage.

You are working with Snoop Dogg and Teddy Riley as a production unit. What are

you guys working on?


DJ Quik: Snoop

started this company called QDT. We produce records and write songs for other

cats that don’t have access to great producers or songwriters. We are trying to

be a medium between them and the record company. Teddy has been writing for The

Pussycat Dolls and other people at Interscope. Snoop has been writing for some

of his groups, and I’ve been storing tracks for them when it’s time to go

full-fledged with it.


DJ Quik “Tonite”

Video Are

there any artists that you are working with to put out right now?


DJ Quik: My band,

The O Boyz. They come from Oakland, California. They are really talented kids

that really get it in. The drummer is Q, the keyboardist is Lynette, the

guitarist is Greg, and the bass player is Marcus. These guys really love music.

They are young but they were born in to music so it’s real easy for them to

play whatever we do.

Are they signed to the label that you have with Universal/Fontana?   


DJ Quik: I am

actually going to get them their own deal. Signing somebody is not always the

best option. People go around saying, “I signed so-and-so” and then they to go

and get a release because nothing happens. I am going to keep the group free

but they know that my loyalties lie with them. I am going to do what is best

for them, even if that means letting them sign with somebody else.


DJ Quik “Pitchin

On a Party” Video

You stated earlier about the West Coast having downtime right now…       



DJ Quik:

Everybody says it’s dormant even

though Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent have a number one song on the radio right

now. People are still like, “Y’all need to do Atlanta music! Do Atlanta music!”

Who are some young artists from the West Coast that DJ Quik would tell the rest

of the world to look out for?


DJ Quik: Problem,

a young cat from Compton, is dope. Jay Rock is blowing up right now. He’s

signed to Warner Bros. and he has this collaboration song with Lil Wayne and

Will.I.Am called “All My Life.” Bad Lucc from Watts is funky. Those are my

favorite three right now that are up-in-coming from

the West Coast. As

a veteran, what is your take on the music industry right now?


DJ Quik: I’m

watching it in charts and graphs. Record sales are down 40% over the last three

years and it’s a steady progression downward. It’s on life support. Our

industry is about to be over. I’m about to do a career change soon because I

need to keep my standards of living up. I can’t do music for welfare fees.


Truth Hurts f/ Rakim “Addictive”

Video (Produced by DJ Quik)

What are you going to do then?


DJ Quik: I am

going to do whatever I want to do. I have options. I can act. I can do whatever

I want – I’m good. I’m not afraid. This is just machismo that’s talking

because of the alcohol that I’m drinking right now. I’m pretty confident that

that I can have fun. I have such a great support group. Who wouldn’t want to

have people like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Xzibit and more of your other

favorite rappers to have your back? I even have actors like Chris Rock and Tony

Rock – these people have my back. If I want to do a song with someone, I

can just call them. Will Smith, whoever – I have connections. I’m good.

You seem to be in a happier place right now. I remember a few years back, you

had a vibe of bitterness about you. I even saw you walk off stage cursing out

the soundman and other people at a Powerhouse concert. 


DJ Quik: Oh you

were there? Yes I was bitter. I had just lost Mausberg and I got in to a bad

crash on my motorcycle. I had a hole in my hip! Who can go through all of that

and just be like, “Throw your hands in the air!” My hip is bleeding and my

favorite rapper and best friend is dead – still warm in his casket. How

can you do all of that with a straight face? It was a bad time for me to be out

in public. I was bitter, so I took a break and the industry moved on without me

– It is what it is. Because I am a forward thinker, I went and did some

new creative music. You can’t f**k with me dog! I am a Pro-Tools guru. I buy

all of the latest plug-ins, equipment and technology. I’m a nerd with that! I’m

going to spend my last dollar on that stuff. If someone asks me, “What are you

going to do with the last money that you have in the industry? Are you going to

buy stocks and bonds or equipment?” I’ll be like, “N***a, I’m going right to West

L.A. Music to buy the new hottest sh*t and that sh*t is going to make me ten

times the money that I spent on it.” Thank God for my knowledge. I’m a genius

and it’s the best thing ever.


DJ Quik “Born & Raised in

Compton” Video

What ended up happening to The Fixxers group that you had with AMG?


DJ Quik: I love

AMG to death but it got hectic because it was such a good situation and some

people that have been living real badly for years to getting a deal with

Interscope – it might’ve been too much for them to handle. People were coming

in and being leeches to us – too much bad influence was infiltrating the

situation. There was this guy that took our CD and posted it online under my

name and Myspace. I would never do that! First off, it’s the intellectual

property of Interscope. You don’t do that! That’s just retarded. This guy did

it just to get money and he ended up becoming a substance abuser and a

crack-head. His name is Hudson Baxter. He’s a cluck-head running around with

Bobby Brown right now trying to be security. He’s on borrowed time. I’m not

going to do anything to him because I don’t want to go back to jail – but

f**k him in his motherf**kin’ booty-hole – he’s a b***h!