DJ Zxulu: Trial by Fire

“And I’m rap’s MVP, don’t make me remind y’all what happened in DC,” Game boasts on the remix to the 50 Cent remix of “Hate It Or Love It.” Those that monitor the Hip-Hop newswire can allude to what the Compton rapper is referring to. Even though the line isn’t specific, he could be threatening […]

“And I’m rap’s MVP, don’t make me remind y’all what happened

in DC,” Game boasts on the remix to the 50 Cent remix of “Hate It Or Love It.” Those that monitor the Hip-Hop newswire can allude to what the Compton rapper is referring to. Even though the line isn’t specific, he could be threatening to jar people’s collective memory about an alleged confrontation that involved DJ Zxulu, formerly of 93.9 WKYS-FM in Washington D.C.

Zxulu, a veteran to commercial radio, isn’t naming names in the matter and The Game has denied any wrongdoing through prepared statements. But on Jan. 21, Prince County police reported that Zxulu and another person were beaten badly from and the violent incident may have involved The Game. Zxulu was hospitalized and is still recovering from his wounds. No criminal charges were ever filed.

To make matters worse for the DJ, he says he has departed his post at WKYS and old wounds have been opened up. Here, Zxulu speaks for the first time about his beatdown and an old case that reeks of career assassination. You have a lot going on with you, man.

Zxulu: You think? [laughs] I’m in some s**t, ain’t I? It looks like it. About the incident that happened at the radio station, can you talk about it?

Zxulu: Not a lot, but I can tell you this much…the story that’s leaking out there is pretty much true. I was hospitalized with multiple injuries. The person that did it was very recognizable along with his people. It definitely happened, and it happened over some nonsense. Nonsense. I’m 35, not 25 and we’re all brothers in this game. But we learn some things as we go along. I think it’s a shame that we are acting so primitive, on both sides. Here you have a brother that is so talented. I think he has one of the dopest albums to come out in a long time, and I think people make bad decisions. I think that night he mad a bad decision. Are you pursuing this legally or otherwise? People take these things different ways.

Zxulu: Right now, I’m just trying to live. I really got shaken up and there have been some other ramifications that came outside of that, threats and things of that nature. Right now, I’m just taking my time. The termination… What were the grounds of you getting fired from your job?

Zxulu: On the record, I wanted to take time off to reflect on everything. I’m sure you can talk about it more at a later date. Is it true that they banned Game from the radio-station.

Zxulu: Yeah, they put a ban out, but the ban has been lifted. I got the word on the allegations that you were a child molester.

Zxulu: Oh yeah, somebody is on a massive email binge. I got it a couple times. I was like, “Can you stop sending it to me?” [laughs] What are you thoughts on that. It’s not a good career look.

Zxulu: I think when people first come across it, they [gasp]. That’s basic human reaction. As the truth unfolds and people get the facts of what actually happened, then understanding comes in. So what did happen?

Zxulu: First of all, it happened 14, almost 15 years ago. The rumor that [I] raped some little boy, that’s dead. A young lady was involved. She was 14, but I didn’t know how old she was. At the time, I was just starting as a radio DJ. We didn’t have sexual intercourse. All I did was kiss her and touched her breast. She and her mother tried to press charges. When the police asked me what happened, I told them. Me being stupid and not saying, “Hey, I want an attorney,” I went on record and said that I touched this young lady. That was enough to get a conviction. How was I gonna take that to court. What was I gonna say? They told me, “You are facing 15 to 20 years [in jail] for that. You can cop to a lesser charge and serve about three months and we’ll call the charge ‘sexual contact’ and you can move on with your life.”

So I copped. I did what any other n***a would have done. Unknown to me in 1994, some nut dude raped some little girl, went to prision, got out and raped another little girl and killed her. Her name was Meagan. That’s when they passed that law, Meagan’s Law, saying that anybody convicted of a sexual crime had to be registered. So, I became registered. Unbeknownst to me in1994, there was going to be an Internet. Did you know about the Internet in ’94? It was just breaking at that point. I was somewhat aware of it, but not to the degree that it is now.

Zxulu: There it is. About a year ago, it popped up on the site. I didn’t even know I was on the site. The radio station let me know. We had some meetings on it and they decided to support me and keep it moving. They talked to the people, the lawyer and other early people [from previous jobs]. In the early 90’s, it was all over the radio when it happened. Was that when you were on Philly radio?

Zxulu: Yeah, I was on all of them. But, this is like the second time of paying for this. Ultimately, this cost me my job. There are a lot of smoke-screens that I cannot speak upon right now on the record. There is definitely some foul play going on. Yeah.

Zxulu: All I know is this information was under wraps and then when the [Game] situation came out, then this comes out. It came out in a big, anonymous way. Bill O’Reilly wanted everybody to know that he was going after Ludacris. Why is this person in the dark? I’m not ruling anything out. I’m just working on this album. It’s called Charge It To The Game: How To Survive A Scandal. Have you been rhyming all this time?

Zxulu: That’s why I got into radio, so I could play my records. With the help of the Lord, I’m going to try to turn this tragedy into a triumph. I’ve been working on the album for the last two years, but not it’s taking a new turn.

Zxulu: Its about to get real nuts in a minute and I’m probably going to get plastered everywhere. “[In an exaggerated angry voice] Is he a molester?” Well, at least you are being straight up about what happened. Most people try to hide it.

Zxulu: It happened such a long time ago. I know I’ma bounce back from it. I’m a real street n***a and a God-fearing man. I’ve already bounced back from this before. My only thing is that most of the young people need to know, don’t sign nothing, just shut up. This goes on and we in this entertainment game, people come at you [with sexual advances]. You have to be careful. We are approached constantly and you don’t know who you dealing with. I’m a prime example that it can come back to haunt you. How is your family holding up?

Zxulu: We’ve kind of lived it already so to us its bulls**t. That’s like you go to Michael Jackson and saying, “Yo, Mike…they talkin’ about you on TV.” I got a 20 year old and an 18 year-old daughter and they grown. They don’t give a s###. My others are still in their Blue’s Clues and wifey is straight. What the album going to be like?

Zxulu: Me, I make fun of my situation. I’m a real dude so I talk about real things. I’m a real good lyricist. You know how Hip-Hop is just wack? I’m one of them artists that real creative. You don’t know where Zxulu is coming from. You might laugh, you might cry, but Zxulu is dope. I ain’t gonna bulls**t you. What are your last words to the people?

Zxulu: As the story develops, I just want people to weigh the facts. Go check it out. I’m on that website, but dig deeper. It’s all public record. Get the real, deal story. As far as my assault, I want everybody to know that I am recovering. All those that are able to see through what’s going on and stand by me and support, just get the truth. Anybody that can do that, I’m good. Zu, is good.