#DMVOnTheMove: Here’s 12 Emerging Acts Elevating The DC-Maryland-Virginia Hip Hop Scene


(AllHipHop Features) Since its inception four decades ago, Hip Hop has dispersed its influence across the North American continent.

New York City birthed the entire culture. Los Angeles popularized Gangsta Rap and G-Funk. Atlanta became the capital of Trap music. Toronto helped usher in an R&B hybrid sound. Chicago served as the early stomping grounds for many of rap music’s current fresh faces.

But there is another locale mounting a growing movement that’s capable of being a new Hip Hop epicenter in the near future. The DMV is no longer a region just known for politics, protests, and professional football. Music has come to be a valuable export as well.

Performers such as Wale, Oddisee, Logic, King Los, Shy “Jefe” Glizzy, Fat Trel, and Goldlink laid the foundation. Now more acts have picked up the baton for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Over the last year, I connected with a dozen acts for AllHipHop.com’s #DMVOnTheMove interview series. Those up-and-coming artisans offered his or her own unique musical outlook, and they all take pride in playing a part in making the DMV an international Hip Hop hotspot.

Catch the wave of these 12 emerging acts elevating the Hip Hop scene surrounding the nation’s capital.

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Ace Cosgrove Embraces Representing The Youth’s Vigilant, Hostile Voice

The Hostile Youth member caught the ear of Showtime watchers when his song “Making Moves” was featured on an episode of House Of Lies. Securing placement on a premium cable channel is a major move, but Ace’s core fan base is just as pleased with his tendency to open up in his tunes about Freddie Gray, friends, and faith.

“Religion plays a big role. I’m not a super-religious person, meaning I don’t go to church every Sunday, but to me, I feel like I made it this far because of my guardian angels and hard work,” responds Cosgrove when asked about the role of religion in his creative process. “I think sometimes when we as humans reach a low point we tend to lose our faith, so I talk a lot about that in my music.”

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Bobby Hagens Relies On Faith With Works To Keep His Musical Drive Alive


After using the beat to Jay Z’s “Run This Town” as an early musical canvas, an aspiring spitter named Bobby Hagens discovered his ambition to approach music professionally. A collaboration with BJ The Chicago Kid introduced the Hip Hop blog community to Bobby, and he is now preparing to drop his Colors project.

“I was raised on Lauryn Hill and Andre 3000. Those people changed my life, so when I do music, that’s what I’m trying to do,” Hagens states. “I’m not a Trap guy, so I’m not going to rap about the trap. All my music is personal and real, and I pride myself on that.”

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Chaz French Uses Vulnerability In His Music To Foster Positivity In His Listeners

Chaz French put his evolving state of mind on display by following Happy Belated with These Things Take Time. The former was a somber collection from the onetime church drummer, while the latter presented a brighter view. However, the value of fatherhood overlaps both projects.

“Who wants to be in a dark mood all the time? I’m trying to get people out of dark places and let people know it’s cool to be happy, it’s cool to smile, it’s cool to be uplifting, it’s cool to be positive,” declares French. “Positivity is not something that people like to glorify, so I want to be one of those people that brings a positive message and has a positive influence on the youth and my listeners.”

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Ezzy Babe Is Entering The Game With His Home State On His Back

The Montgomery County representative cultivated his sound as a Morgan State University student which caused Ezzy to craft the campus hit “Morgan Girl.” He further put on for his area by dropping “Mo County Anthem” with Wale protégé Phil Adé.

“I’m just trying to build and get these projects out there. It’s just things you gotta do to get to where you want to get to,” says Ezzy. “I’m trying to get enough paper to put myself in position I’m trying to be in, because everything is funded by myself. I ain’t as lucky as some of the other artists in the area, so I gotta grind a little harder.”

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DJ Young Music Is A Teenage Mogul With A Goal To Change The World

Most people spend their teenage years dealing with the social perils of adolescence. DJ Young Music spent his teenage years working to become a mogul. His résumé already includes performer, radio personality, songwriter, and record executive.

“Everything I do is to set an example. For me to be 19 and have done all this, it goes to show people: If I did it, you can do it,” DJYM states. “You can say, ‘Wow, Young Music did that, so I can also.’”

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Jay IDK Is Expanding His Tribe Of Supporters By Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge

Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge – that’s the meaning behind the IDK in this star-on-the-rise’s stage name. The HXLY TRiBE leader did a masterful job of personifying that mantra through his SubTrap and The Empty Bank albums.

“Every now and then I have this sporadic moment where I feel like I need to prove or reassure people that I’m a rapper and a lyricist first. I try to challenge myself to write better than the last time I did it,” says Jay.

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Malcs Went From Sneakerhead Entrepreneur To Emcee On The Rise

Rappers often attempt to follow Jay Z’s famous quote – “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” In many ways, Malcs epitomizes that statement. He launched the popular SneakHeat brand before trying his hand as an OG Ron C-endorsed rhymer. 

“I feel like sometimes you get boxed in as an artist to just do music. But then you hear Drake signed a deal with Jordan Brand. Obviously, that’s corporate. Kanye signs a deal with Adidas. Obviously, that’s corporate,” Malcs points out. “They’re all doing businesses. I just feel like I did it the reverse way. I started a business and then introduced the music afterward.”

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OneTakeDrew Is Helping To Breathe Fresh Air Into Virginia’s Hip Hop Movement

Not long after his Ventilation hit the internet, OneTakeDrew found out a cut from the mixtape was picked to be a “Sleeper Song” on Joe Budden’s podcast. “Fifty/Fifty” is just one track off the tape that spotlights OTD’s introspection about his family, the Most High, and more.

“My relationship with God holds the highest magnitude, and my family’s a close second. They’re everything to me,” proclaims Drew. “They’re who’ll reap the benefits of all my success, and without God, none of it would be possible. And I only put things in my music that mean or has meant something to me, so that’s how they find their way into almost every song.”

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RAtheMC Has That Hip Hop That’s Encouraging People To Live A Royal Life

Her first big break in the industry came via The X Factor, but RAtheMC didn’t let getting eliminated from the competition TV show halt her drive. She continued pursuing her entertainment objective by letting loose more records, including “Best Be Ready” with Rah Digga.

“There was a guy with a boombox and a mic on Canal Street rapping and selling mixtapes. My dad told the guy, ‘Hey man, let my daughter get on the mic,” recalls RA. “He did, and the more I rhymed, the bigger the crowd around me got. Music was literally the end-all, be-all for me after that.”

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Rico Nasty Introduces The Sweet Savagery Of “Sugar Trap”

Having half-a-million viewed music videos titled “iCarly” and “Hey Arnold” make it appear that Rico Nasty is a PG-rated entertainer. But don’t let those Nickelodeon shows and the pink hair trick you into thinking the Largo native doesn’t have a potential savage embedded inside her.

“[Sugar Trap] is not really a concept. It’s just my personality honestly,” explains Rico. “I’m not really a serious person and I hate people who are always so ‘serious.’ So I just wanted to make music that says, ‘B-tch, I don’t play. But let’s play.’”

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Tate Kobang Wants The World To Know He Won’t Be Placed In Any Musical Box

Tate Kobang has the 300 Entertainment powerhouse behind him. Yet, the Baltimorean is adamant he is the designer of the diverse artistic vision found in his music. It was that perspective which likely pushed rap veterans The Lox to jump on Tate’s “Bank Rolls Remix.”

“I honestly can do everything. Some motherf-ckers be like, ‘I can do everything.’ No, I really can do everything. That’s why I gravitated to people like Nelly and Swizz Beatz. These are the people that can touch any genre. Nelly had a #1 in every f-cking genre,” says Kobang. “I want to do a Country record and maybe do a Gospel record with my grandmother. I don’t want motherf-ckers to put me in a box. Ever.”

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WillThaRapper Embraces Being The Street Runner With A Greater Mission

The self-described Street Runner rose up to be one of the DMV’s hottest young talents. He eventually grabbed the attention of Wale who released his own version of WillThaRapper’s buzzing “Pull Up Hop Out.” The recognition is cool, but Will has even greater aspirations for his career.

“Success is when I can lay back with whoever I’m with in my crib and the phone rings and my mom and friends are calling me with normal people problems, instead of hunger, stressing, struggling, and street beef problems. That’s success!” expresses Will. “I’m trying to be big as sh-t. I’m trying to be bigger than the Beatles.”

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