DMX & GOD: Let Me Holler At You


Baltimore’s Cornell Dews tells why DMX’s story is so relatable.

by Cornell Dews (@MrCornellDews)

Whenever a tragedy occurs, my mother’s words loudly echo in my head, “give me my flowers while I can still smell them.”  Simply meaning, acknowledge me on this side of life.  As you know, with the hustle and bustle of everyday living, we can sometimes get so consumed with ourselves that we tend to forget others.  We forget to check in on our elderly relatives or neighbors.  We forget to make the time for the people we love and the people who love us.  We wait, as if we have time, to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you” or “thank you.”  We wait until oftentimes it’s too late.  And that becomes evident in the way we mourn our loved ones who transition.

A few days ago, the public received word that one of our beloved brothers in Hip Hop suffered traumatically leaving him in grave condition.  It was reported that DMX overdosed, triggering a heart attack.  He was taken to White Plains Hospital in New York, where he presently remains under hospital care.  Many people, including myself, were taken aback by this awful news.  His bouts with narcotics have been well publicized.  And we know the potential dangers that come from indulging in drugs.  Nevertheless that still can’t prepare you for events like this.

DMX Reportedly Set To Undergo Brain Tests

There have been all types of news reports published about DMX’s condition.  I haven’t personally spoken to anyone with knowledge of DMX’s progress or lack thereof.  So I won’t attempt to play the role of “janky” journalist or “click bait” blogger.  I’ll never speak on anything or anyone that I don’t have personal knowledge of.  With that being said, this article isn’t to give a speculative update on DMX’s condition.  Instead, I want to use this editorial as an opportunity to remind us to (1) give our loved ones their flowers while they can still smell them and (2) to say a prayer for our brother.

In 2017, September 9th, one day after his 69th birthday my father died.  He had succumbed to complications related to his bout with cancer.  Like DMX my father fought his own demons hidden in substance abuse.  And as a child, I always thought my dad chose heroin over me and my mother.  For many years, I lived my life thinking that I wanted two things from my dad.  I first wanted him to acknowledge that he did choose drugs over us.  And secondly I felt he owed me an apology.  I held on to these self-absorbing and inaccurate beliefs until my dad got sick.  As I routinely visited the hospital during his extended stays or took him to his hospital appointments, we talked and my feelings started to subside, until they eventually changed altogether.  I made my father’s condition less about me and more about him.  I understood that my father’s addiction wasn’t who he was.  Nobody’s addiction is.

DMX is many things.  He’s a man of GOD.  He’s a child of GOD.  He’s a praying man.  He’s a father.  He’s one of the most phenomenal rappers to ever bless the mic.  He’s an exceptionally gifted artist.  He has blessed us with his artistry.  He’s offered us music and moments that defined a time in our lives.  He’s been transparent, vulnerable and honest about himself, in the scrutiny of the public eye, for more than 20 years.  I commend him and give thanks for how he has used his flawed, but imperfectly perfect life to teach us and help us live better.  On this day, I’d like to offer a prayer for DMX.

“Dear LORD, we come to you with bowed heads and humbled hearts to pray for our brother, DMX.  LORD we pray that you be a constant presence during this time for DMX and his family.  LORD we pray that you heal him from all injuries that he’s suffering from.  LORD we pray that you comfort his children, family members and loved ones.  LORD we pray, as in all things, that your will be done.  Please let him know that he is loved and has impacted the world.  We say this prayer in the name of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST.  Amen.”