Eazy E Tribute: Lil’ Eazy E

Ten years ago, Hip-Hop lost one of its most influential pioneers. Eazy E may not have invented Gangsta Rap, but damned if he wasn’t The Godfather. Somehow his legacy has been forever shadowed by many for reasons undeclared. AllHipHop.com wanted to pay proper tribute to Compton’s finest. Yesterday, we featured a rare 1989 interview with […]

Ten years ago, Hip-Hop lost one of its most influential pioneers. Eazy E may not have invented Gangsta Rap, but damned if he wasn’t The Godfather. Somehow his legacy has been forever shadowed by many for reasons undeclared.

AllHipHop.com wanted to pay proper tribute to Compton’s finest. Yesterday, we featured a rare 1989 interview with Eazy and Ice Cube. On the anniversary, we present our feature with Eazy’s son – Lil’ Eazy E.

The second generation Compton rapper discussed his father’s legacy, his future album’s connection to his father, and all else in between. Get a good look at Eazy E as a father and family man. See how his legacy has paved the way for his son to make tremendous impact on the scene twenty years later. And see just how many similarities the two share.

Eazy E will be sorely missed. Everybody wear your LA Kings hats and loccs and join in us in our five part tribute to the smoothest criminal, and the first rapper entrepreneur – Eazy E.

AllHipHop.com: On your forthcoming album, you’ve got a new rendition of “Eazier Said Than Done.” Why that song?

Lil’ Eazy E: That’s one of my favorite songs. That’s when my father really had flow. It’ll appear on my album, but At the time I did it to remember him. It’s get real play. Tonight, I’m with Julio [G] on KDAY. Monday, I’m with Felli [Fel], and been spinnin’ it. It’s getting its play across the US too.

AllHipHop.com: I liked how on the song, you called yourself “The prince.” Many of us look at our fathers as kings. But your father was probably a king to many more people than mine. Tell me how the feels – to be a true Prince of Gangsta S**t.

Lil’ Eazy E: Real talk. It’s a blessing. It took me a while as a young kid to understand it. Now, experiencing it and going through it – it’s the s**t.

AllHipHop.com: You’re from East Compton – just like your father. A lot of Rap kids are from entirely different neighborhoods and experiences than their fathers. I think that needs to be said.

Lil’ Eazy E: Same situation. Same house. I was raised by my grandparents – his mother and father. It’s that serious. That’s how I feel too, as the first real second generation rapper – not to take away from Lil’ Romeo or anybody else.

AllHipHop.com: How connected are you to your half-brothers and sisters these days?

Lil’ Eazy E: I’m with two of ‘em right now. I’m picking up my little brother tomorrow. We all got a good relationship because that’s how [my father] kept it. When we went somewhere with him, we all went – the brothers and sisters. It depended on which female he was with – whether my momma, or the next kid’s momma, or whoever, we were all together.

AllHipHop.com: Was there ever a time when your father was Eazy, or was he just Dad?

Lil’ Eazy E: It was Dad. As a young kid, I didn’t too much understand. Even when we went out to Disneyland and certain amusement parks, we’d see the love he’d get from fans when they’d run up. I started seeing it. At the same time, after he passed away, that’s what I had to turn to: pictures and his music.

AllHipHop.com: Tupac and Biggie are the reigning kings of Hip-Hop praises; Pun as well. I think all praises are positive are very well due. But in your eyes, why is your father’s heritage so neglected?

Lil’ Eazy E: I be askin’ myself the same question a lot, dog. I think it’s because of the fact of the way he died. I think it’s because how hardcore his music was. I think it’s to the fact of how he did business with Dre, Cube, and so forth. People don’t look at it like he’s the Godfather of Gangster Rap. You wouldn’t have a Tupac, a Dr. Dre, an Ice Cube, a 50 Cent, a Game if he wouldn’t have laid that foundation down. Even the business he handled as an entrepreneur, Master P and other rappers took it upon themselves to do what he did and start their own business. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t get the same respect.

AllHipHop.com: From any era in his life and career, do you feel the love and support from your father’s former artists and friends?

Lil’ Eazy E: Nah, I get love. On the album, Dre’s lending a hand. I got the D.O.C. lending a hand. Yella keeps in touch. Me, Ren, and Cube are gonna do a track. Bone Thugs & Harmony on there. I’m getting all of ‘em together on there. It’s a real West coast album. It’s a real Compton album. People show a lot of love.

AllHipHop.com: I give you a lot of credit going that route.

Lil’ Eazy E: Real talk. That whole Ruthless family, I want it back. DJ Quik too, I look forward to keeping him involved.

AllHipHop.com: What is a public misconception or misperception about your father?

Lil’ Eazy E: The type of man he was. At the same time, there was a type of life he led and went through at a young age. He was a good father. He contributed to a lot of foundations. He cared about a lot of kids. Just that overall street n***a that don’t know nothin’ – that’s not him. Even the simple fact of how he died. He was into a lot of females as we all are. I don’t believe he died of that on that day. That’s something I’m gonna issue in my album.

AllHipHop.com: Can you elaborate?

Lil’ Eazy E: It’s a serious situation and I don’t knock it at all. I speak on AIDs myself, going around. I just don’t feel he passed from that.

AllHipHop.com: Are you saying it’s not AIDs or that’s not how we should look at it?

Lil’ Eazy E: Both. They look at it and say, “Eazy passed of AIDs.” When you look at it, he did have many females and this many kids and everything, but that’s a wrong stereotype.

AllHipHop.com: You’re talking about the relationship between promiscuous sex and AIDs, not that there was another cause of death? There were conspiracy theories a few years ago.

Lil’ Eazy E: I feel he didn’t, but I’m not gonna say the government or what. It’s something on my album for everybody to know. Hey, at least peoples’ eyes are open the same direction as mine – there was something more to that.

AllHipHop.com: Your father is often remembered for his hats and shades, or the cars, or the “8-Ball.” Is there any keepsake that you cherish?

Lil’ Eazy E: For real, just the pictures, really.

AllHipHop.com: What attributes of your father are in you, from music to physicality?

Lil’ Eazy E: That’s a trip, dog. I get that everyday. It’s stuff that my grandmamma might say, or crack a tear over. The way I act. The way I talk. The way I ran the streets. The way I came in the house late. The way I had girls run out the house. Myself now, I have two little girls – the way I have kids at a young age. A lot of aspects. D.O.C. to Dre, even Yella, they all say it.

AllHipHop.com: Is there a special thing as a family you’ll do on the 26th?

Lil’ Eazy E: We all spend the day together. As usual, I’ll go to the cemetery. As far as my grandparents, they look at it as mourning. September 7th, my father’s birthday, or April 7th, which is supposed to be Eazy E Day in Compton, we all be together. Just that feeling right there, that’s okay to me.

AllHipHop.com: When’s the album dropping?

Lil’ Eazy E: It’s still untitled. It’s dropping around September.

AllHipHop.com: Maybe on your father’s birthday?

Lil’ Eazy E: You’re onto something, man.

R.I.P. Eazy E. Stay tuned each day for more parts in our five part series to Eric “Eazy E” Wright.