EXCLUSIVE: Chedda Da Connect Talks “Flicka Da Wrist” Viral Videos, “Chedda World” Mixtape & Achieving Long Term Success


If you’re reading this article that means you have access to the Internet. And if you’re connected to the web, that also likely means you have not been able to avoid Chedda Da Connect’s viral hit “Flicka Da Wrist.” Clips inspired by the buzzing track off 2014’s Catchin’ Playz 2 mixtape have invaded every video streaming website and application from YouTube to Vine.

Multi-platinum selling artists like Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber (over 187 million combined Twitter/Instagram followers) have all put their spin on Chedda’s breakout tune via short vids. Even the Denny’s restaurant chain caught the “Flicka” wave with a tweet that read, “look at da flicka da grits.”

All the online attention has helped push “Flicka Da Wrist” onto radio stations across the country. The result? The single has already entered the Top 20 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Airplay Chart.

Chedda Da Connect is now on the cusp of dropping his next project Chedda World on May 25. AllHipHop.com spoke with the Houston representative about his new mixtape. The Rockets franchise supporter also covered the viral success of “Flicka Da Wrist,” working with Texas legend Bun B, and avoiding the one hit wonder label.

Congratulations, your single is doing really well. You’re having a big year.

Thank you. Right now it’s climbing up the charts. We’re putting a lot of groundwork in.

Did you have any idea when you were doing this track it would be the one that would land you on the Billboard charts?

Not at all. When I first did the record I was kind of sleeping on it a little bit. I left it in the studio for a couple of months. I was thinking it’s a lot of wrist songs going around, but then I thought, “This is a different type of wrist song here.” [laughs] So I went ahead and put it out.

One of the things that has helped “Flicka Da Wrist” blow up is the fact there have been so many remixes. Were there any particular versions or verses that stood out for you?

I liked the 2 Chainz and Cap 1 version. They crashed it to me. Then French did his thing. I liked the Rick Ross verse, but I know Rozay could have put a little more energy in it. It is what it is though. I liked the fact he took time out to hop on the song.

None of those remixes were official?

Nah, none of them. We got the official remix coming.

Is that going to be on Chedda World?

No, we’re going to do it a right after the project.

The other thing that grabbed the attention of a lot of people was the fact so many people did viral videos for it. One that stood out was Rihanna’s. What was your reaction when you first saw Rihanna’s Instagram video of her lip synching to “Flicka Da Wrist”?

I ain’t gonna lie, when I saw Rihanna flickin’, I was like, “God this is RiRi!” I looked at the video a couple of times excitedly, because this is Rihanna. With the level she’s on, I was like, “Man, only if Beyonce comes next.” [laughs].


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It may happen. Justin [Bieber] did it.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe Justin Bieber did it. Now that was a trip for me. I ain’t seen him in a while, so when I saw the video he looked older on there. I had to watch it over and over.

Drake put up one.

Yeah, with his mamma flickin’ her wrist. [laughs] Drake’s big on H-Town. He supports Houston a lot. He had his mamma showing love to the Rockets.

Are you participating in Drake’s “Houston Appreciation Week”?

I would love to, but I won’t be here. I’ll be all across the world, and then back to Miami.

You’re heading out on tour?

It’s not a tour just yet. We have a lot of weekend dates, and a couple of weekday dates right now.

That road life must be nice to you right now with you having a hit.

Yeah, that road life is crazy. You get up early then be in the next city and do it all over again. I like it though. It motivates me to go harder.

Going back to Houston, you worked with Bun B for “Dunk On Em.” What was it like working with him?

Even though we didn’t actually go in the studio together, after we did the record Bun showed a lot of love. When I see him he embraces me with a lot of love.

When I first sent the record to Bun, he liked it. His management team said, “Send the record right back over with an open verse.” After that it took probably a day [for Bun] to send the record right on back. He crashed that verse. Salute to the big homie for sure.

I see “Dunk On Em” picking up. Especially since people are starting to catch on to who Chedda is, and they’re feeding off the music. I see “Dunk On Em” being a big hit.

The movement around you is really buzzing. You work a lot with T-Wayne. His single “Nasty Freestyle” is a hit too. Have you ever talked about how big your come ups have been just in the last few months?

We’re just now starting to talk about it. We work so hard, we knew it was coming. We just didn’t know when. It just came out of nowhere. Overnight really, so right now we’re just looking at each other smiling.

A lot of  people don’t know we actually lived together, so we got stars coming out of the same household right now. We record out of the same in-house studio. About a year ago, I took time and built a studio in there for him.

There’s something you all are doing that’s connecting with people.

We just stay humble and continue to kill the internet. And we’re killing the streets right behind it. Vine, Instagram, YouTube – that’s a big help. Especially Vine with all those viral videos that were put up. The same with T-Wayne’s song with all those dance videos. It’s finally paying off. The same with Whiteboy Chris. That’s another brother of mine.

You’re set to drop your next mixtape next week.

Yes sir! Chedda World – May 25. Even though Memorial Day is the 25th, we’re gonna do it right at 11:59 so it’s gonna carry over to the 26th.

Are there any features on the tape?

We had some features for the tape, but they told me to hold off on them. We want this to be strictly about Chedda Da Connect. We’re gonna hold the features for the album which is gonna come about four or five months after that. But I had to squeeze my little brother T-Wayne on there.

Do you plan on staying independent or do you have interest in signing with a major?

If the number’s right. Right now we’re gonna push this thing independent. We’re gonna keep on grinding. We ain’t lazy over here. We’re gonna get that business side going before we make a play.

It’s obvious you’re putting in work on an indie grind. But there’s also this perception that artists that gain attention from “YouTube hits” haven’t been able to turn that into long-term success. How do you plan on keeping that momentum going just beyond this first hit?

I listen to a lot of music. I criticize myself a lot. I like to go with the flow. A lot of people don’t know how to maintain with the flow. I give people what they want. I’m gonna still keep my vibe, my same style on these tracks, but I’m gonna give the people what they want.

If they want club records from Chedda Da Connect, that’s what I’m gonna give them. If they want street records, that’s what I’m gonna give them. If the females want the sweetheart records, that’s what I’m gonna give them. I’m very versatile.

On Chedda World, it’s a bunch of different music. It’s not all the same. Some songs you probably can’t even tell it’s me until you actually listen to it.

Finally, Rockets versus Warriors. What’s the outcome of that for you?

[laughs]. What you mean? Rockets!

How many games will it take?

I know they’ll probably give the people something to watch, so I think 4-1.

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Chedda Da Connect’s Chedda World mixtape is scheduled for release on May 25 via LiveMixtapes.com.

Follow Chedda Da Connect on Twitter @CHEDDADACONNECT and Instagram @cheddadaconnect.

Stream/download Chedda Da Connect’s Catchin’ Playz 2 mixtape featuring “Flicka Da Wrist” and “Dunk On Em” below.