EXCLUSIVE: Diamond Explains What REALLY Broke Up Crime Mob, Addressing Lil Scrappy On New Album + More


(AllHipHop News) The last time Brittany Nicole Carpentero was on the national stage, she was announcing her voluntary exit from the popular reality TV show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta  back in March of 2012. Two years and a new reality show later, the 25 year old 10 year veteran, Diamond speaks EXCLUSIVELY to AllHipHop about Lil Scrappy’s disparaging comments, Crime Mob break up and we track the evolution of her different answers over the years.

Crime Mob Breaking Up

Diamond was barely 16 years old when Crime Mob’s infectious hit “Knuck If You Buck” hit the scene and decimated Hip Hop radio. Less than four years later, Diamond was informed she was no longer in the group by reporters on the red carpetat the 2007 Dirty Awards. Back in 2011, Diamond maintained that the split was due to business differences during her interview with ThisIs50 in 2011:

I was nominated for Dirty Chick of the Year at the [2007] Dirty Awards and I wanted to red carpet by myself, just because I didn’t want to feel, like, tension, because I was always singled out.  Even though I walk solo, I always represent the group. I don’t see the issue with it. At the time our former manager sent the message back to me that the group was like ‘well, if you walk solo, then you aren’t in the group.’

Over six years after the dissolution of her relationship with Crime Mob, Diamond reveals the business complications that led to the group’s disbanding. According to Diamond, the group ended after shady business tactics on the manager’s part:

Lil Scrappy

Diamond’s stance on her relationship with Lil Scrappy since it’s end over two years ago has remained consistent. She maintains she’s not a bad person and that the truth will soon be revealed:

While her stance has not changed, she does reveal to AllHipHop that she is preparing to reveal her true feelings towards the situation on her new album:

Even though thats my past, about my ex and him getting on the TV show saying some things about my character that weren’t really true. You know, I kept my keep so I can put it in my music. To really tell my story. That was the past this is now, but a lot of women can relate to my story That’s just a little piece of it. But that’s just a piece of my life, that’s not my whole entire life.

Evolution As A Rapper

Diamond will star in the T.I. executive produced Sisterhood of Hip Hop on Oxygen channel which chronicles Diamond and four other other MC’s  (Nyemiah Supreme, Siya, Bia and Brianna Perry) journey through the industry. While Diamond loves the diversity of women on the show, that acceptance of others was a skill Diamond developed over years:

Diamond at 16:

We knuckin and buckin cuz I got a nine
I blow you away cuz you wastin my time -“Knuck If You Buck”

Diamond at 25:

have more to talk about than just getting crunk and fighting in the club. The sound, the instruments, I have live producers coming in playing live on the drums, and the piano. I’m really taking it to the next level.-ALLHIPHOP INTERVIEW

Diamond informed AllHipHop that she will reveal the title to her new album on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, but has not picked a release date as of yet. Sisterhood of Hip Hop will premier on the Oxygen Network later this year.