EXCLUSIVE: From the Mollywood Hills, Problem Talks The Diamond Life, Wiz and Ratchets


If you’ve been out to the West Coast over the past few months, or if you happened to pick up Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever, you might have noticed that South Central’s own Problem is making quite a bit of noise in the region and across the ‘net.

Backed by quality and consistent production from the League of Stars in-house production team and the well-built foundation of his Diamond Life family – don’t forget labelmate Bad Lucc – Problem has a unique movement built upon die hard Hip-Hop heads and ratchets, all hooked on his Mollywood movement.

Ratchets you say? Yes, it’s an interesting combo, with so-called backpack and hipster Hip-Hop fans, but Problem pulls it off with class, and leaving the listener in anticipation of more bass heavy, room-shaking tracks.

When asked about the message that his Mollywood movement of mixtapes and what they represent, Problem explained his music in simple terms:

“It’s really just about enjoying yourself and what you do, honestly. It’s not really that deep. Really just doing what you do, enjoying yourself, and pushing it to the limit and living real fast and enjoying this life. Staying away from negativity, going about the positive and progression. Foot on the gas pedal, just having fun, man.”

Problem also elaborated on his label’s situation with respect to signing a major deal. He has stated repeatedly that he is comfortable remaining “majorly independent,” as his label has been able to provide everything he he needs thus far, but offers are on the table.

Take a look at AllHipHop.com’s talk with Problem in the hills of Mollywood, as we break down the movement, his work with Wiz, and where the Diamond Life brand is heading going forward:

AllHipHop.com Exclusive Interview with Problem from Ethno Nightlife on Vimeo.

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