EXCLUSIVE: Music & Literature Come Together For The Interactive Digital Novel “H8 Society” BitTorrent Bundle


For millennia, music and literature have existed in separate planes. They were creative cousins that were not able to directly interact with each other through an artist’s intended vision. The Information Age has changed that dynamic. Now different mediums can live in the same space instantaneously, and creators can collaborate in gifted new ways.

The latest evolution in the consolidation between music and literature comes in the form of a free BitTorrent Bundle. Two first time authors pulled their collective brain power together to offer an innovative reading experience via a new e-book and interactive soundtrack.

Authors the 2Dans introduce readers to a compelling chronicle of rival gangs and global secret societies in the digital novel H8 Society – How an Atomic Fart Saved the World. The 374-page book is a merger of the 2Dans’ story with art by Bill Sienkiewicz (The New Mutants, Batman, Elektra: Assassin) and 26 songs from various international indie artists.

Pennsylvania’s Whitney Peyton, New Jersey’s Strānj Frūt, and North Carolina’s A.D. Weigh were among the performers tapped to contribute tracks to the project. Since its release, the H8 Society BitTorrent Bundle has been downloaded over 700,000 times.

To get better insight into this New Age form of the artistic partnership displayed in H8 Society, AllHipHop.com connected with the 2Dans along with musicians Peyton, Frūt, and Weigh. BitTorrent executive Straith Schreder also shares thoughts about how this unique interpretation of art will change the way readers interact with the written word.

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Load turns Wrek's car into the "Fart Rocket" . . . Illo by Bill Sienkiewicz

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2Dans (H8 Society creators):

We wanted to create a new kind of book that merges literature, music and graphics, and where music plays a central role in the story. Hip Hop is the music that most of our characters listen to – and defines who they are – so it seemed natural to find a way to enhance the reading experience by embedding Hip Hop, as well as a variety of other music genres, into our book. But first we had to find the right music.

So we turned to the ReverbNation community of indie artists and received over 4,000 submissions from over 40 countries. Needless to say, we developed rather large “ear muscles” by listening to each and every song submitted, and we curated them down to a final 26 from nine different countries.

The songs we chose are now an essential part of the story experience because they help dimensionalize the very moment when the reader is trying to imagine what the characters might be listening to during the events in their lives that are, as for most of us, usually completely out of their control.

The theme, attitude and tone of Strānj Frūt’s, A.D. Weighs’, and Whitney Peyton’s tracks are all very different, but each provides the reader with a musical connection to what our characters are thinking, and feeling, at that very moment in the story.

Whitney Peyton (Musician):

When I was asked to be part of this project, I was really flattered. It didn’t even dawn on me that books could have soundtracks… but why not?! With many things being digital, it’s so dope to think to add music to an e-book. Being into graphic novels, I was attracted to the humor and illustrations used in this work. It’s very reminiscent of a comic book, so it’s right up my alley. All of the downloads speak for itself!

Strānj Frūt (Musician):

I was honored to be a part of such a game changing project. When you have a captivating storyline, awesome imagery and a soundtrack that sets the tone for what you are digesting in print, it’s an intoxicating experience. My contribution to the project [“Hands Up!’] is a pure expression of my lifelong frustration over racially motivated prejudices and socioeconomic bias here in America. It’s an extremely powerful piece and the 2Dans are genius for using it to set the opening tone.

A.D. Weighs (Musician):

Because my song [“Crows Feet & Reading Glasses”] is such an eclectic and unorthodox record, I was immediately intrigued when I was asked by the 2Dans to use it in their e-book. They called me and expressed how much they both loved the song and provided me with a synopsis of H8 Society.

I knew right away that they were true artists with a unique vision. “An e-novel with music,” I said to myself. “I get it.” Before I could get my hands on the book, I saw the artwork and just knew it was going to be a perfect fit. Much like myself, they seem to be the type of artists that simply will not adhere to the rules. I find it totally refreshing when I meet individuals who are just as creative and twisted as I am. Being given an opportunity to make a contribution to such an amazing project is nothing short of a true blessing.

Straith Schreder (Director of Content Strategy, BitTorrent):

H8 Society is a story that’s unlike any other: an interactive novel that plays out across music, text, and art. It challenges the way we experience song and story, creating new forms. This type of narrative innovation is exactly what BitTorrent Bundle was designed to help support.

Load cannot wait to see this thing work. . . Illo by Bill Sienkiewicz

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For more information about the 2Dans’ H8 Society – How an Atomic Fart Saved the World visit www.h8society.com.

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