EXCLUSIVE: Hollow Da Don On Why His New EP Is Like "Public Enemy Meets Migos"


While many professional battle rappers essentially try to parlay their success from the lyrical sport into a career as a recording artist, Hollow Da Don will be the first person to tell you that has not been his motive. One of the greatest battlers in the history of the culture has been content with not dropping a full project since 2011’s Loyalty Is A Way Of Life.

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That break is now over as the New York City/Houston rhymer returns with his new aptly titled EP I Don’t Make Music, I Battle Rap. Fans of the L.O.M. representative get two sides of the emcee as he presents tracks by the comedic leaning Hollow Da Don and his more socially aware side known as Don Lennon.


“I recently began making music again after a 2 year hiatus. I decided to make a few parody songs with a few songs from ‘Don Lennon,'” Hollow tells AllHipHop.com. “He’s an alter ego who talks about social issues and injustice in America… You pretty much get the best of both worlds. It’s like Public Enemy meets the Migos.” [laughs]

The first single from I Don’t Make Music is a tongue-in-cheek take on the bass heavy, drug mentioning style of rap music regularly found on modern mainstream radio. The Ghxst Beats produced “Yola” is Hollow’s droll version of the popular self-described “trash” promoted in some of today’s Hip Hop songs and videos.

“‘Yola’ is a parody making fun of Trap music, but it’s very catchy,” he says. “[In the video] I’m doing wild stuff like cooking crack on a grill out a flower vase and rolling around on a rooftop with a shopping cart.”

The 6-track I Don’t Make Music, I Battle Rap includes the Hollow cuts “The Screw (Slowed & Chopped)” and “Bad Rapper+Great Beat=Freestyle.” The conscious minded Don Lennon makes appearances on “Stereotypes” and “Revolution.”


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Purchase Hollow Da Don’s I Don’t Make Music, I Battle Rap EP on iTunes.

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Watch the video for “Yola” below.