EXCLUSIVE: Prodigy Explains That Writing Books Is Harder Than Writing Raps


On the night of the Infamous Book launch, Prodigy see his career taking a solid turn in the book world as an expansion to his artistic and entrepreneurial rupture. With two books already completed, My Infamous Life The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and H.N.I.C., Prodigy now heads a new situation,  Infamous Books. This has allowed authors like Miasha with SwingJaQuavis Coleman with The White House and K’wan with his work Black Lotus to all have a distribution house under Prodigy’s new book division.

Prodigy explains on why he created his own book distribution by stating:

“Like the music, I wanted to control the releases of the projects … and I also wanted to control the content. What books I choose to put out”

Prodigy also told AllHipHop about creating a book versus creating an album:

“Creating a book is a little harder. The Mobb Deep albums and the Prodigy albums, I pull more from my life, so it’s a little easier to pull from real life situations. When I write a book …  I can be more creative and come up with stories and plots and twists and turns so it gets kind of intricate … so its a little easier doing rap.”

Watch more of what Prodigy says about his book deal and creating music and books: