My Five Firsts: Sevyn Streeter


Vocalist Sevyn Streeter has had an amazing 2015. Her song “How Bad Do You Want It” appeared on the Furious 7 soundtrack, her EP Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1 broke into the Top 5 on the R&B chart, and her voice was featured on The Game’s critically acclaimed album The Documentary 2.5.

Sevyn [born Amber Streeter] recently continued her musical streak by releasing a remix to Bryson Tiller’s#### record “Don’t.” The Florida-born songstress provided a female perspective to the sultry R&B anthem about convincing a potential lover the grass really is greener on the other side.

As Ms. Streeter continues to ensure her future in the music business will be a bright one, caught up with the singer-songwriter to get her to reflect on some of the big moments from her past.

In “My Five Firsts,” Sevyn shares memories of her debut performance at a landmark venue in New York City, recording with frequent collaborator Chris Brown, being inspired by Aaliyah, and more.

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First Time Performing At The Apollo

My momma had me in this big, puffy, ugly silver dress. My hair was in these big old candy curls, and I was a little chubby chub. My cheeks looked like they were stuffed with food. It was so funny. [laughs]

At the end of the day, it was a legendary experience to be able to touch the same log as Michael Jackson, James Brown, and so many other greats. I still remember what that felt like all these years later. I will never forget that for the rest of my life.

First Time Hearing A Song You Wrote Played On The Radio

The first time hearing a song I wrote on the radio was [Chris Brown’s] “Yeah 3x.” I remember everybody kept telling me, “You ain’t heard it yet? We heard it in the car.” I was like, “No! I haven’t heard it yet!”

I remember I was pulling up to my manager’s house, and I turned on the radio. I literally caught the tail end of “Yeah 3x.” But just hearing those few little seconds was enough for me. I just sat in that car and said to myself, “Wow.” That’s another moment I will never forget.

First Time Recording With Chris Brown

The first time I recorded with him I was in my old group RichGirl. He had a writing session, and I asked if I could be a part of it. That night we ended up doing a song called “Smile & Wave.”

I remember just thinking, “I’m recording a song with Chris Brown. This is crazy.” I texted my mom the whole time with the play-by-play: “We just did this.” “He likes this part I came up with.” We were at a studio called Westlake.

First Time Winning A Grammy

Winning a Grammy for writing on [Chris Brown’s] F.A.M.E. was crazy. Honestly, we just wanted Chris to win so badly. That was his first Grammy, and my first Grammy as well. I remember watching him walk up on that stage. It didn’t really hit me at first. I was just so happy for him.

I remember somebody saying to me, “You know that means you’re a Grammy award winning writer now.” I was like, “I get something too? Oh crap!” [laughs] It didn’t hit me until that moment when they said that. My eyes kind of jumped out of my head. It came as a surprise to me, but a great one.

First Time Seeing Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” Video

I don’t remember the first time hearing the song, but I definitely remember when the video came out. I loved that video. I was just feeling like I was lost in her world – this world where girls were just effortlessly cool. She wasn’t trying too hard. It was so smooth. That first introduction made me realize just being me was okay.

We all wanted to be like her, dress like her… I could go on-and-on about Aaliyah. Like I said, I wanted to be cool like her. She didn’t make it hard. It wasn’t like this unrealistic level of coolness. We could grab a pair of shades and throw on some clothes that our parents would approve of. It was really easy.

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It’s Getting Hot In These Streets

Sevyn Streeter will be performing at the “Music Choice Presents: Sound Check Sessions” at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles tonight (November 18).

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Listen to Sevyn Streeter’s “Don’t (Bryson Tiller Remix)” below.