Exclusive: Tax G Says Fetty Wap Is A Fake

Fetty Wap Has A Problem

Last week was one for the books with a whole lot of dissing going on between Drake dissing Meek, Safaree dissing Meek and more. Even social media was lambasting Meek. But there was more shade floating in the social cesspool called the internet as you laughed at your favorite Meek Mill memes.

“Bad Guy” dropped with little fanfare, but we caught wind of it here at AllHipHop.com.  Newark Native Tax G went out on a limb and alleged that Fetty Wap and Remy boy P Dice have been taking over his style and presenting it to the world like it’s theirs.

In the record, he brings up Fetty Wap’s similar dreads (which are extensions), the lack of homage being paid for using his ad lib style that he claim Fetty Wap stole and the use of his mermaid lingo. So to get to the bottom of it all AllHipHop caught up with Tax G to find out where did this all come from.

“I’m the one your favorite rapper go his style from?”  – Tax G.

Did you know of each other or have any type of relationship with Fetty Wap or any of the Remy Boyz?

I haven’t them personally met up with P dice specifically we from Jersey we all know each.

So explain what your issue is with Fetty Wap and the remy boyz?

I have style that I’ve been built since 07’- 08’ Once I found he from Jersey I actually downloaded trap queen of iTunes.

Explain to us the whole mermaid situation.

I call my woman Mermaids been calling them that for about 9 years now.

If you felt Fetty Wap took your style a while ago why wait until now to drop a diss record stating that?

I wouldn’t call it a diss record more like a statement.

What are you looking out of dropping this diss record?

He owes his own fans a response.

Do you feel with Jersey being in such a good space that this has potential to stop the forward progress?

I have no beef with Paterson, I have no beef with Fetty Wap. It just something that needs to be addressed to the world.

So what’s next for Tax G?

I have a single out right now call “Real One” I’m pushing. My passion is music appreciate my fans for sticking up for me. Just Fetty Wap to do is pay respect to who he got his style from.