Three Questions With Jay IDK


“Understand me when I tell you that after I pay all my homage, I’m tryna s**t and then vomit. Find all the Dragon Balls and wish for a comet to kamehameha they ass,” raps Jay IDK on his track “Hungry.” Those ambitious lines come immediately after the DMV emcee admits being a student of rap legends Big L, 2Pac, and Nas.

The significance of Jay’s bars is that they provide a clear-cut example the 22-year-old performer respects the rap forefathers who paved the way for him, but at the same time, the lyrics exhibit Jay’s ultimate goal to one day be considered among the greats. Early indication suggests the HXLY TRiBE member has the potential to achieve his objective.

Jay’s 2014 debut album Sex, Drugs And Homework is a trippy journey through the mind of an artist that openly embraces a mixture of new wave R&B with turn-up Hip Hop, higher learning consciousness with brash youthfulness, and spellbinding production with uncontrived lyricism.

It all comes together in the spirit of the meaning behind the IDK in Jay’s name – Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge. The moniker is exemplified in his personal history as well.

Jay honed his raps skills in a college classroom as well as in a jail cell. Some of the songs from SD&H were actually written while Jay was incarcerated, and his class time at Prince George’s County Community College was mostly spent putting rhymes together.

The former computer science student kicked off 2015 with the visuals for “Hungry” which followed the release of the buzz-worthy video for “Two Hoes” in September. Jay is now completing his next project SubTrap with his in-house production team Lo-Fi. He will also be heading to Austin, Texas in March to perform at the SXSW Festival.

In the latest installment of “Three Questions,” got Jay IDK to share one of his most unforgettable high experiences and name the individuals the rapper/producer/director finds trustworthy.

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You talk about drugs a lot on Sex, Drugs And Homework. What’s one of the wildest experiences you’ve ever had while you were high?

It had to be my first time getting high. I didn’t know I was going to get high. You know how the first couple of times you smoke you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t really get high? I smoked, and I thought, “This weed don’t do nothing to me.”

One day [my friend and I] were at the bus stop right before the bus was about to come. We smoked, and I didn’t get high right away. Soon as I got on the bus…. I was like “Whoa, what the hell is going on?” I didn’t know the feeling.

I’m usually the quiet guy on the bus, but because I was high, I was clowning everybody. N***as was like, “What the hell is wrong with this dude?” I told my friend, “I don’t think I can go to school. This isn’t a good idea. I can’t be like this.”

At DuVal High School you would have to go into the gym first before you’d go to class. Everybody’s in the gym, and I just started dancing in front of everybody. This was like the first couple of days of school. I was just doing whatever. I was just that high.

I ended up going to class, but what saved me was lunch time. Once I had lunch, I went back to normal. That s**t was crazy – first time ever getting high. [laughs]

If you had to live the life of any Dragon Ball Z character who would it be?

I will have to say the cliché s**t and go with Goku. He was the man. He was the leader. Even though he died, he still came back.

I think my favorite [character] growing up was Vegeta, and then Trunks later on. But Goku is who I would pick, because his role is kind of more so what I’m doing. I’m like the frontman in our collective. I’m the one who’s somewhat of the leader, so Goku would be the one.

On your song “Two Hoes” you say you don’t trust no hoes. So who do you trust?

I trust my family. I trust the people I do business closely with. Definitely, not hoes though. I learned that a long time ago. [laughs]

I trust my parents. I trust my team. Some of my family members… not even my family members. They be on that s**t too. They see certain things I’m doing, and they’re asking for money already.

I’m like, “What? Are you serious? Damn, s**t hasn’t even started yet, and this is how I’m getting treated.” [laughs] So yeah, it ain’t too many people.

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