Exclusive Video: Bobby V Reveals His ‘Five Firsts’ – From His First Time Working With Lil’ Wayne To His First Time…EVER!


R&B crooner Bobby V has recently released his fifth studio album, Dusk Till Dawn, and to say that this is his best album yet would be an understatement. Bobby did a great job recruiting some of the hottest names in Hip-Hop to add that cool factor to his latest LP. From his frequent collaborator Lil’ Wayne to Gucci Mane, Red Cafe, and newcomer Future, Bobby was able to find a great balance and blend of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Amidst all of his traveling to promote the new album, AllHipHop.com caught up with one of the hardest working men in music to quiz him on his “Five Firsts”. From having tomatoes thrown at him his first time performing, to describing his first sexual experience, Bobby V did not hold back.

“I remember the girl, her name was Ebony. And we were at the crib, and then she was like, ‘Did you put it in yet?’ I was like, ‘Shhh, I’m done!’ So that was funny, I always remember that. I think it happened before I even did all that. That was my first time.”

On Dusk Till Dawn, Bobby V once again teams up with Lil’ Wayne for his first single, “Mirrors”. The two have worked together on over a dozen songs, including their biggest hit, “Mrs. Officer” – but what was it like the first time the two linked up in the studio?

“My first time working with Lil’ Wayne was on “Tell Me”,” said Bobby Valentino from the Eone offices in NYC. “He was just so cool, we had great chemistry. This was his first R&B look and I think he’s forever appreciative for that, and I always appreciate him for always looking out for me.”

Check out our exclusive interview below with Bobby V, where he reveals his “Five Firsts” – From buying his first home, to the first time he discovered he could sing while he was in the back of the school bus on his way to school, Bobby V doesn’t hold back in this interview. You think you have a funny story about the first time you made love? Well, you have to hear Bobby V tell you his! Check it out below: