EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Reveals The Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle


Known as “the Hollywood Trainer,” celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins is responsible for some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, including Alicia Keys, Paula Patton, Kimora Lee Simmons, Terrence J, Robin Thicke, and singer Kelly Rowland. Jenkins recently came to the AllHipHop.com offices in Newark, NJ and dropped a few jewels to help us get into shape and swimsuit ready for the summer.

“I really stick to this 80/20 rule that I use with my clients, and I also use for myself,” said Jeanette Jenkins. “Which is 80 percent of the time, you eat clean and you’re eating healthy and these are foods that come for the land – fresh fruit and vegetable, leans cuts of meat. The other 20 percent of the time those are your cheat foods.”

Jenkins also shared her secret for a healthy, cancer-fighting juice that is a favorite of her celebrity clientele.

“I have a favorite juice that I drink and that I give to my clients. It’s two to three handfuls of spinach, one apple, half a lemon, and about a half thumb size of ginger,” said Jenkins. “All of these ingredients are what you call alkaline, and they actually strengthen your immune system, and they give you energy.”

Check out our one-on-one interview with the Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, below to hear all about her new fitness DVD with Kelly Rowland, her upcoming makeover show on BET, and more work-out and health tips that many celebrities utilize to stay camera-ready.