EXCLUSIVE: Young Dro talks Seven Year Hiatus, “High Times,” and Atlanta


His debut album, Best Thang Smokin’, was released in August 2006, his sophomore album, High Times, was released today, October 2013 on Grand Hustle/eOne/Atlantic Records.

More than seven years later.

But, Young Dro will tell you that he wasn’t on a break. He released 12 mixtapes, toured, and spent time with family, ““I was looking through the body of work that I’ve done to see if I’ve felt myself that I’ve been gone, I came up with 17 cd’s with like 17 or better songs on them. So, I can’t say that I’ve been gone, some of these CDs have taken me to Germany to tour. I’ve still been able to feed my kids, so I can’t say that I’m gone because a gone person can’t do these things that I do.”

With High Times, Dro is back (like he never left) with an album that features a hit single, FDB (F**k Dat B*tch), that became an Atlanta anthem over the summer, produced by FKi. The album also features T.I., Spodee, Natasha Mosley, and Doe B. Despite the gap between  his first major project and his second, Dro is feeling very little pressure, “First week numbers, they come second. You gotta get the album first, and I’ve done that. I’m gon’ put out music, and help people get on that I want to get on, that’s why I’m going somewhere with it, if not it’s a selfish act.”

Check the video for more of our exclusive interview with Young Dro. High Times is available now online and in stores. Follow him on Instagram @Dropolo