Exploring Scarface’s Masterclass: Behind “The Brad Jordan Experience Tour”


Scarface gets a big laugh In our interview, but there is nothing funny about our inside look at The Brad Jordan Experience. Check it out!

Writer Algernon Billups takes a looking behind the scenes of Brad “Scarface” Jordan’s musical evolution.  

The NPR Tiny Desk Series has emerged as a sonic godsend, showcasing the enduring talent of some of the most influential creatives in our culture. Set within intimate surroundings and featuring live instrumentation, the series has breathed new life into timeless songs, offering artists a chance to provide deeper insights into their compositions.

Scarface, known off-stage as Brad Jordan, delivered one of the most celebrated performances in the Tiny Desk series. He reintroduced himself to longtime fans, affectionately dubbed the “cassette tape babies,” while also engaging with the newer generation of Hip Hop enthusiasts who stream his music. The impact of his remarkable performance has rippled across the nation, culminating in a highly anticipated tour set to infuse each city with the same energy.

During a recent stop in Atlanta, GA, AllHipHop was granted exclusive access to Uncle Brad and his team as they prepared for the show. What unfolded was more than a mere rehearsal; it was a masterclass in performance artistry. Brad Jordan, the consummate Master of Ceremonies, meticulously ensured that every aspect of the event bore his unmistakable imprint.

In the lead-up to the show, Brad could be seen directing every facet of the production. From fine-tuning basslines to perfecting background vocals, he left no detail unchecked. At times, he even picked up his guitar to demonstrate the exact sound he envisioned. Despite his infectious energy and amiable demeanor, Brad remained steadfastly focused on the task at hand. He greeted each member of the team personally, expressing gratitude for their contributions to his vision. His warm presence permeated the venue from the moment he arrived until the final note of his performance.

As the clock struck 9 pm, the sold-out crowd eagerly awaited the Brad Jordan Experience. Accompanied by his band, Uncle Brad guided us through his illustrious catalog, offering fresh interpretations of beloved classics like “On My Block,” “Mary Jane,” “Smile,” “I Seen a Man Die,” and “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.”

A standout moment of the evening occurred when Scarface took a moment to honor the icons in attendance. He invited Killer Mike onstage, acknowledging his recent Grammy wins, and extended appreciation to 2 Chainz and Omar Epps, who were also present.

Beyond his lyrical prowess and storytelling prowess, one of Brad’s most endearing qualities is his ability to forge genuine connections with people. His innate knack for finding common ground resonates deeply, epitomizing the essence of the Brad Jordan Experience Tour. It’s a journey that not only taps into the cultural zeitgeist but also revisits the emotional landscapes that have resonated across generations. As Uncle Brad’s influence extends far beyond his native Houston, TX, fans everywhere remain grateful for his unwavering commitment to his roots.

The Brad Jordan Experience is on its way to a city near you—a must-see event for any aficionado of Hip Hop and music aficionados alike.

Here is a funny moment the legend had before he hit the stage.

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