Faces of BK Hip-Hop Fest: Dres and Jarobi of EVITAN on New Music (and Jarobi’s Cooking Show!)


They are not the Black version of “Jay and Silent Bob.”

And yet, it’s quite clear that distinctly different personalities are at play in this duo. One has always seemed more quiet and laid back – except on stage where, from the beginning, he helped infuse the love and Hip-Hop into A Tribe Called Quest.

The other is more lively – he talks and moves at a rapid pace – perhaps at the speed of his classic “Engine Engine Number 9” phrase from Blacksheep that still makes the crowd jump towards the roof at parties to this very day.

But, let’s be clear. They are no longer Blacksheep and Tribe – well, maybe in their hearts, but not on paper. They are EVITAN – ‘native’ spelled backwards – and they aren’t interested in being called Old School, but want to just be considered great at creating Hip-Hop music.

Dres has spent his recent times still recording and finding new relevance, thanks to last year’s uber-popular Kia “Hamster” commercial that spotlighted his epic, 20-year-old single, “The Choice Is Yours.” He is also doing more acting, and recently announced his role in the movie, Fight Dance, Sing.

The past year also brought both rappers a boost via their appearances in the award-winning, Michael Rapaport-directed Beats, Rhymes and Life documentary about A Tribe Called Quest. In particular, it was one of the first times the rap audience has ever gotten to hear from Jarobi (and we learned that he is a sensitive guy and a great chef, too).

If it’s up to the fans, you’ll hear more from EVITAN. That’s if Dres will ever let Jarobi get a word in edgewise.

AllHipHop.com had a ball talking to EVITAN after their rapper-packed set (with Rah Digga, Homeboy Sandman, Sadat X, and more) at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival’s “Show and Prove Bowl” earlier this week.

They were eager to push their upcoming album, Speed of Life, along with the notion that the elusive “new MC” Jarobi can indeed rap AND cook (via his upcoming cooking show – EXCLUSIVE!).

Check the video below:

Look for EVITAN’s Speed of Life coming soon. Follow Dres (@DresBlacksheep) and Jarobi (@JarobiOne) on Twitter.

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