Father MC Talks Launching Mary J. Blige & Jodeci, BET, His Career With Diddy & Andre Harrell

Father MC

Father MC returns to son people and get his place back in Hip-Hop.

The 1990s was an amazing period of time, in fact it is widely regarded as the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. At the end of the 1980s, a new form of rap music began to develop, largely regarded as gangsta rap. However, simultaneously another slice of the genre was burgeoning as well – New Jack Swing. This form of rap melded R&B, pop, Hip-Hop and more melodic sensibilities. Uptown Records, the iconic label founded by mogul Andre Harrell, was a hotbed of talent that spawned the careers of Heavy D, Al B. Sure, Mary J Blige, Jodeci, and an incredible assortment of talents that included a young A&R Sean “Diddy” Combs. One of those talents was Father MC, the Brooklyn-born, Far Rockaway-bred lyricist.

Father MC, helped launch the careers of Mary J Blige and Jodeci, but also left his indelible smooth impression on insatiable population of Hip-Hop fans. Songs like “Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated” (1990), and “I’ll Do 4 U” (1990) offered a young Father with an incredible chance to change his life after coming up as a battle-ready rapper. There is so much more to him than what was presented on video music shows and album covers. He’s actually a lot more, especially when you get to know the rough path he’s traveled.

A frank conversation with CHUCK “JIGSAW” CREEKMUR reveals a lot. Father talks about his relationship with Uptown Records’ Andre Harrell and Sean Combs, revealing what it was like to see the Biggie / Tupac beef spiral out of control. He also explains for the first time why he was kicked out of Brooklyn by a judge. He also expounds on his decision to go from native New York roughneck into a suave, stylish rap icon. Not to be trifled with, he talks about his looming beef with BET as well as his brother Markuann Smith, who created “The Godfather of Harlem” series for the Epic network along with a whole assortment of other topics.

All of this…AND Father MC is planning his come back, thanks to the global pandemic. He’s not playing games with the bars. This frank and candid conversation is not to be missed as Father MC holds nothing back.