African MegaStar Yemi Alade Talks Being “Mama Africa,” Taking On The U.S., Her New Tour & Music

YEMI Alade

Find out why the whole world loves Yemi Alade, a Nigerian singer and mega star!

Upon first meeting, Nigerian megastar Yemi Alade’s personality is instantly addictive and then there is her music. The radiance she emanates is the actual precursor to her infectious brand of Afrobeat that is so potent she’s dubbed “Mama Africa.” In the motherland, she is already a force of positive energy, all the while expanding her empire.

Inside of WonWorld Studios, Yemi engages in small talk, but her gravitational pull has her as the center of attention. The cameraman flashes numerous candid shots in her travel clothing. The 30-something came straight from the plane to the studio for this interview with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, who seems mildly anxious about this interview. Perhaps he knows he is interviewing a proverbial one-of-one? Or maybe, just maybe, he realizes this is a Halley’s Comet moment. Regardless, this conversation is a must-see.

“Mama Africa” is more than just a singer with over 14 million followers on Instagram alone. She is a songwriter, actress, activist, and ambassador. Signed to Effyzzie Music Group, she has scored hit after hit since her first single “Johnny” in 2014. She’s got new music for her fans, a tour, and is destined to take the United States by storm. Delve into this exclusive interview and find out why the whole world loves Yemi Alade.