Fredro Starr: Ten Hut

10 years. Men’s will can shatter during a 10-year bid in jail. Technology has advanced in hulk-like leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. Onyx’s Fredro Starr has survived the tumultuous rigors of the hip-hop music industry for over 10 years. Whether he was altering the hip-hop landscape with his Onyx brothers Sticky and […]

10 years. Men’s will can shatter during a 10-year bid in jail. Technology has advanced in hulk-like leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. Onyx’s Fredro Starr has survived the tumultuous rigors of the hip-hop music industry for over 10 years. Whether he was altering the hip-hop landscape with his Onyx brothers Sticky and Son See or taking to the demanding (and profitable) Hollywood screen – Fredro has survived.

But survival isn’t always the goal. Mindful of the beast, Fredro has sided with a pair of former G-Unit Soldiers as Onyx crumbles into nothingness. With a new crew (Silverback Guerillas), a new movie (Torque), and a new TV show (“360”) the grimy Queens native eyes another 10 years entertaining the masses in and out of the hood. First off, what’s the deal with you and 50, man?

Fredro Starr: We came under the same umbrella Jam Master Jay. I just think that its like a hood beef , its like a neighborhood type of situation where two guys from the same hood. It s a rivalry that’s been going since How to rob a ni**a. He made a comment on Sticky. Whatever happens to Sticky happens to me. We family. It’s always been like a rivalry. 50 Cent is irresponsible when it comes to the hip-hop community . He doesn’t have respect for the streets. He doesn’t have respect for the game of hip-hop. He likes to speak about people from his neighborhood and its basically indicting ni**as on wax , speaking about what they did or what they done or who they murdered or how many drugs they sold basically when you do that you disrespecting the ghetto. You disrespecting the streets by speaking about somebody else’s cases and their indictments and what they going through with the law. He doesn’t really know these people. He be talking bout people like Tah Tah and Freeze and Supreme. These are people from an era. I’ma little older than 50. I’m the same age as Pac. I’m from Pac era. He just speaking about these people from what he heard-word of mouth. When I actually know these people, sat down building with all the people that he speaks about and I would never put their name in a rhyme and disrespect them or put them in a position that they cannot deal with.

As far as the rap game , he’s coming out in the rap game the same way, he’s disrespecting people. The kid is talented. He’s a genius at publicity stunts. He definitely rides the beef drama all the way ‘til the wheels fall off. I give him that for creating beef and controversy around him. Why would he do this, in your opinion?

Fredro Starr: He doesn’t respect the game. I just heard he dissed Cheeks from Lost Boys and Onyx knows Cheeks. We built outside. You got other rappers from Queens , Nas from Queensbridge and Nore but Southside we put Southside on the map 10 years ago. We was double platinum in ‘92 so basically ‘92 you double platinum that’s like selling 10 million records [these days]. I just feel that he doesn’t respect his elders in the game. The OG’s in the street or from the rap game. I’ma let god deal with the situation and keep doing my movies keep doing my TV shows. A lot of people don’t know , he first appeared on an Onyx song

Fredro Starr: Right. he appeared on “React,” the record we did. We shot a video for it. At that time it was all good with the god. All smiles all cool, everything was cool. We didn’t really know him. We gave him a shot to be on out record even though he wasn’t down with our clique. I let the ni**a rock on my record just out of respect for Jam Master Jay. I feel like Jam Master Jays death, he’s not respecting that. He put me in the game, 50 in the game. But meanwhile this ni**a talks about 2pac and Biggie like he knows these guys. I heard you actually brought Tah Tah to him.

Fredro Starr: In a song he said who shot me Freeze ‘Preme or Tah Tah. These is really ni**as on the streets who been doing they thing and me and Tah Tah is real cool peoples. He was holding me down, a real gentlemen but he’s definitely a thug. He definitely doing what he do . I thought he at least knew how [50] looked , seen his face. Tah never even met the ni**a , never even seen the ni**a so he wanted to meet 50 Cent . They met they sat down and I guess they squashed everything out. Right now Tah is facing 20 years in a federal prison so he has a high profile case and meanwhile your man 50 cent is tarnishing his name in the industry. He can’t even get a check, he cant even walk into an office building because they think Tah Tah might shoot him. So whats the deal with your new crew, The Silverback Guerillas?

Fredro Starr: Its a kid named Bang ‘Em Smurf that was down with 50’s camp [and] a kid named Domination that raps, that’s Freaky Tah from the Lost Boyz’s younger cousin. They not rocking with the G-Unit no more. I don’t know why they not rocking I don’t know what the case is but I feel that Domination has a real talent. I stepped in and we sat down with Smurf and Domination and I’ma part a company to help them build a village, to help them back up, t build Southside back up. I’m helping these guys out with their company. 50 Cent can’t take it. He can’t take it. Do ya’ll have an album situation yet?

Fredro Starr: We got a couple deals on the table. We put out [mixtapes] Groundwork 1 and 2 and they definitely coming at 50 on a record called “Beef.” The kid Domination is way more talented than just talking about 50 Cent. He has real talent and that’s why I think I should be a apart of his situation ‘cause I think he’s gonna be the next big thing to come out of Jamaica Queens. I wanted to be a part of it. Me being an OG from Jamaica, I wanna make sure that they get they shot. Why does it seem that all of Queens is fighting each other – Ja, 50, Murder Inc, you guys?

Fredro Starr: Me and Ja rule is cool but I’m not gonna pass judgment on anybody situation. I’m just going on what I know. I think people when they rap they should keep their mouth closed about real things going on in the ghetto. What’s the status of Onyx . I got Triggernometry [their latest CD], but it wasn’t really easy to find.

Fredro Starr: It wasn’t really promoted right. The money was kind of fu**ed up and [D3 Entertainment] wasn’t in the right position to put out the record. I’m doing movies and shooting TV shows but Onyx right now is not gonna really pop off right now. But I will tell you this. Sticky Fingaz is about to step to the plate and you gonna hear some things from us. Its gonna be real cool. I’m a take the backseat. Put my advice to the young cats coming up like domination and I’ma help Sticky out with his situation but as far as Onyx that’s not poppin’ off no more. Are ya’ll still cool with Son Seez (third, reclusive member of Onyx)?

Fredro Starr: We still cool with him. He has a studio in North Carolina. He’s working with a lot of artists in the south. Big DS died last year and me and sticky still grinding in these movies and stuff. Just look out for Domination . That’s where I’m putting my expertise at. We wanna have it where we can come to Queens and drive our Ferraris around without police [harassing us]. Give back to the community. Turn drug spots to beeper stores and sneaker stores so ni**as on the outside pumping cracks could start selling beepers or whatever they got. Keep them on the streets but keep them on the streets legitimately. That’s what we plan to do with the whole Queens thing. Can you run down your current projects for me real quick?

Fredro Starr: I got “Torque” coming out on this month [January 2004] . Me and Ice Cube – its a motorcycle movie. High fast drama. Little bit iller than Biker Boys. I’m doing this television show with Paramount right now called “360.” That should also be out January. Sticky album is coming out. Can you give some of your thoughts for Jam Master Jay . The fact that they haven’t found anybody, its kind of crazy. Do you think people don’t care to much anymore or what?

Fredro Starr: I think rappers like Pac , Biggie and Jay these are all people that I know and that I grew up with and I think that the police don’t do enough and don’t do the research about what’s going on without today’s rappers. Today’s rappers to me are like politicians. But I really think that the police and the society don’t really give a f**k about politicians and about rappers who young kids look up to. I think the people on top I feel that they like that and they enjoy that and they like to see destruction in our community. As far as Jam Master Jay, the ni**a put me on , I wouldn’t be here talking to you right now if it wasn’t for Jam Master Jay and I definitely show him all love and all respect in every aspect unlike 50 Cent.