Freekey Zeekey: Jailhouse Rock

Freekey Zeekey has always made a big splash in the rap game, and suddenly he was out. Just like G-Unit and Tony Yayo, the crew still built a palace of fame and recognition waiting for Zeke on the outside. In the midst of his time on Riker’s Island, AllHipHop penetrated the correctional facility to get […]

Freekey Zeekey has always made a big splash in the rap game, and suddenly he was out. Just like G-Unit and Tony Yayo, the crew still built a palace of fame and recognition waiting for Zeke on the outside. In the midst of his time on Riker’s Island, AllHipHop penetrated the correctional facility to get a preview on what transpired, what’s about to happen, and what the rap game looks like as seen through iron bars. Check it. There’s been some speculation, what actually got you locked up?

Zeke: Being distrusted by someone who was loyal for over seven years. Jada said it correct [in “Why”] when he said talking [snitching] is at an all-time high. All the young dudes out there that think its cool to be in jail, like it’s a merit badge, let ‘em know what’s up.

Zeke: Jail is a piece of sh*t! You’re out of you’re element like a fish out of water. Plus it’s only a handful of real motherf**kers up in here, everyone else is a d*ckhead or h###. Nobody is really making major moves anymore.. To make a long story short, I’d rather be dead. They stop building real n#####, back in the days when you got locked you ran into another major n####, now 98% of these n##### are looking for handout With all the turmoil in America, did you expect the backlash from your crew the Taliban?

Zeke: We expected the backlash, but not to the extent where they were going to try and shelf the Diplomat album. They tried to shelf us because of certain lyrics, the first title of the album (which was Ground Zero) and the cover picture (which had us in the middle of the fallen towers.) I personally felt that we were expressing our frustration and sorrow for the devastating tragedy that occurred September 11th, 2001. A tremendous number of families are still in shambles. We are not rebelling. The Diplomats are pro-USA. The Taliban crew came about to settle a group of individuals that were going stone ape. We gave them jobs so they could challenge their erratic energy into something positive. How do you manage to stay focused on the inside while Dipset is handling matters on the outside and blowing up?

Zeke: Staying focused is second nature. You have to be on point at all times. We’re living in a world where anything is subject to happen at any given second. As for business, I’m not worried. Cam and Jimmy have excellent judgment for investments. I’m also handling my B.I., don’t think the bars slow the kid down. I’m setting up a Dipset Concert with the Deputy as we speak. Blowing up is a good thing; the more the label excels the better my profits become. I’m not only a client; I’m also the President, chea! There have been gangs and all kinds of stuff inspired by Dipset. What are your feelings on that?

Zeke: Dipset hasn’t inspired gangs; gangs were formed long before my pops wanted to do the nasty with my moms. “We don’t bang, we write the good rhymes” [as Ice Cube rhymed]. What we did inspire was a slew of people who thought the streets were their career, and we helped them realize that there is another way out, not only through Rap either. They saw us flip clothes, cologne, liquors, car services, acting, directing videos, etc. I would tell you more, but I’m high and tipsy. Oh Yeah, and Real Estate. if there were one thing about your life you could take back, what would it be?

Zeke: The one thing I would take back is having my man E (Eric Mangrum R.I.P.) in the wrong place at the wrong time, which led to his last day. Shout out to his daughter, when I get out, I got you. Wish it coulda been sooner, don’t worry the Lord works in mysterious easy, Lil Mama. Plus everything happens for a reason. Everything else I would leave the same, the trials and tribulations I’ve been through didn’t do anything, but make me stronger. Critics have said that your crew’s music promotes ignorance. What is your view on that?

Zeke: Of course you’re going to hear negative feedback from critics, that comes with the job. This may sound twisted, but the more the haters arise, the more wealthier and more popular you become, and we have over a million haters. Shout out to all the ignorance, it keeps the bars coming! What went down in Philly last year? There was a big rumble that went down at a show.

Zeke: What happened out there is what would happen to anybody that crosses the line. Someone threw a bottle cap at [Cam]. He sent Black, Brit (aka Buddy Lee) and Snagz into the audience (which was over 15,000) to handle things. Once it got outta hand he told me to go out there and knock n*ggas out, which I did. I’m not gonna front I like s### like that. Reppin’ with your n*ggas who get it poppin’ is the s**t. Dip Set, b*tch! Shout to Smack DVD, they’re doing their thing, plus they Dipset, they helped out fans understand that we just don’t talk it, We live it! A little history lesson…what is the origin of your affiliation with Cam and Jim Jones? How did ya’ll hook up?

Zeke: The affiliation is more of a family origin we all knew each other for over 15 years. I met Jim in the third Grade, we both was trying to pick pocket the same kid. He got some out of one pocket and I got the rest from the other pocket, we put the money together and after school we bought a slice and a soda. Cam and Jim already knew each other. We all met up and the rest is history. How cohesive is the Dipset as a unit? Ho w unified are you? Do you each have different goals?

Zeke: Cohesive is an understatement; everyone in Dipset is connected to each other. Dipset is a family based organization. Put it this way, we all call each other’s mother Ma and they treat us like their sons Are there plans for a Freeky Zekey Album?

Zeke: Of course! It was supposed to drop in ’04 along with my movie I wrote. It’s all gravy though the anticipation is at a high degree now. Stay Tuned, Freeky Zeeky got some sh*t! Were you brought up in the gangstyle or was it something that evolved as you grew older? Did it form from the music?

Zeke: Gangs and cliques were around since the days of Moses. As you get older, you single out a couple of people that you like to spend your time with and label yourself so you can separate yourself from the rest. With Cam Jim and myself, we hung out with a crew called BBO. In the 70’s it stood for “Best Bombers Out”, but it changed to “Bending B*tches Over” in the early 90’s. Once you’re in the entertainment business, everything is times ten. So if you’re around certain things people or places, the media affiliates you. What music has done for us is made us a team of millionaires. Any shout outs?

Zeke: Hammer who thinks first means something., Ty you fakeass Dame Dash in the face, Mo Brownsville! I got you n*gga two Shotty Scotty, dunnie we kilt ‘em who said you can’t gee the f**k up in jail, whoever said you can’t need to holla at Freekey, we have it like Goodfellas up in here. Vest, Fly Ty, Rabbsack, Fake ass ball player Lucky, McCloud, Black, 143 Hamilton Lou, Greedy Smalls, Gee, S####, Trauma, Big Art from the group home, Murder, D MO, Nut, Trees, Lovell of F.E.D.S. magazine, Scorp, Ron Black a.k.a B.V.G B.Ville, n*gga. Art from the group home stay up! Flip get off ya ’88 s### it’s ’04, Dee hold Vest down, Bear

Dipset Fam: Cam, Jim , Juelz, I don’t know what life would be like without ya’ll. Dipset til my demise, Mr. Armstead stay looking over us we need you.

To my Peeps: Burt, R from 103rd Tee and Ra a.k.a. Dumb and Dumber love ya’ll n##### you already know what it is when I come home. Pretty El’s, fam (Greg) El 103rd, my whole Wahington Project N##### and Ladies, Building 210 you already know! Ms. Greene, Ms Parker Ms Parker (so nice I had to say it twice), Ms Vargas, Ms. Bullock, Apple Cinnamon Raisin, Big Head a.k.a. Ms. Gisit, Ms. Yarde, Cobham, Miller, Ms. Francis, Ms. Wright, Ms. Carter, Davis, Ms. Moraza.

Stephanie, Love you sweetheart, couldn’t have done it without you. Can’t wait to get out so I can do it wicha!!. Peace.