Was FTN Bae Set Up In Her Court Case With OTF Doodie Lo? She Speaks Exclusively To AllHipHop

FTN BAE and OTF Doodie Lo

FTN Bae Speaks. She says she was set up by OTF Doodie Lo, his lawyer and even law enforcement in an effort to stop her from testifying in a case where she accused the rapper of molesting her young son.

The situation between OTF Doodie Lo and FTN Bae appears to be far more complicate than we imagined.

Earlier this week Britney Elder, the artist known as FTN Bae, lost a court case against the father of her child, Doodie Lo. Doodie, an artist signed to Lil Durk, celebrated a multi-million dollar jury win over his ex. Some reports state that the judgement was for $11 million, but more recently that number has soared to $30 million, per his claim to The Shade Room. At press time, AllHipHop had not independently verified these claims.

In a statement, Doodie – real name David Saulsberry – said emphatically that he was pleased with the result of the case and that he considered it a win for men maligned and defamed publicly by women. The rapper in Lil Durk’s Only The Family (OTF) record label was accused of sexually abusing Bae’s then-5-year-old son. He has steadfastly denied the disturbing allegations. 

“My ultimate goal is to spread awareness to those innocent of false accusations, especially innocent men who have been accused of sexual assault. This issue further highlights the dark side of #MeToo: What happens when men are falsely accused?,” he said.

But, there is there another side to this story and FTN Bae has stepped up to tell it. Her side is quite jarring and a dramatic departure from the headlines that have populated most gossip sites. She maintains that she was essentially set up and prevented from testifying in her civil case in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She talked to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur in a telling, incendiary interview that claims Doodie Lo’s lawyer sicced the authorities on her on the day of the trial. “It was set up so I never made it in the building,” she says of a warrant she had no knowledge of previously. She was unable to testify, because she was in a cell well into the night. With no lawyer, and no way to contact her family or the judge, she lost the civil case by default.

The judge still heard the case, apparently unaware FTN Bae had been arrested. Moreover, she maintains one of the arresting officers was a witness set to testify against her. When she was apprehended, there were cameras and media recording the whole affair. Some of the footage was disseminated over social media, most notably Doodie Lo’s victory proclamation.

Now, Doodie Lo wants his money. But, FTN Bae has other ideas as she regroups – this time with an attorney and a new strategy. She answers all the questions including the big one: “Why would she lie?” Watch the whole conversation and offer your view in the comments.