Ganxta NIP: The Psycho Becomes A God Of Horrorcore


By Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (@chuckcreekmur)

The South Park PsychoAs the creator of Horrorcore, Ganxsta NIP could be the weirdest, confounding rapper in Hip-Hop history. With 1991’s Southpark Psycho, the Houston-reared MC invented the violent, disgusting subgenre of rap which reached its zenith in the mid-90’s. Horrorcore spawned popular acts like Insane Clown Posse, Esham, The Gravediggaz, Brotha Lynch Hung and others with varying degrees of success. Then, there were others like Eminem and the Geto Boys (He wrote “Chuckie” for Bushwick of the Geto Boys) that took a page or two from NIP’s playbook and saw meteoric heights.

NIP has flown in that sweet spot where the radar of the Hip-Hop elite know him well, but a space that often eludes the masses. He’s got some of the most outrageous lines in the history of rap, ranging from the comical to the enraged to the insane. A card-carrying member of the Nation of Islam, NIP writes a new horror saga every time he puts out an album and the recently released “The God of Horror” is no different. We caught up with the Rap-A-Lot alumi and he reveals all sorts of goodies like his relationship with J. Prince, his views on other Horrorcore artists and why Eminem should sign him to Team Shady. So talk to me about your new album a bit?

Ganxsta Nip: That name of the album is “The God of Horrorcore Rap.” When I first started on Rap-A-Lot and, when I was able through God, to write “Chuckie” for Bushwick Bill, which was the first real Horrorcore song to go nationwide, that was a blessing for me. That was definitely a blessing. Shout out to Rap-A-Lot. Shout out to J. Prince. Shout out to the Geto Boys. Then my album came shortly after that. My album was the first to go nationwide under the name of Horrorcore. I called it “Psycho Rap,” but the industry called it Horrorcore so I just rolled with it. I’ve been doing Horrorcore since, ’83-’84.

Oh yeah, that’s way back.

I been doing that. I never had another style. I came in with that. It was just meant for me to put it out. A lot of cats don’t wanna give me the credit for setting up the national notoriety of Horrorcore, but you can’t deny it. But that was then. This is now. And to still have the longevity that I have with “The God of Horrorcore”…I was the king back then. I’m in the Nation [of Islam] now. I’ve elevated in the name of Allah to the God status. I’m the god of this. You still don’t have no one that can do it like I do it. They don’t have the graphics…they visual…the imagery that Allah blessed me with. That’s why I am able to step out and step in as I please.

What are your thoughts on those that came after you in Horrorcore? Even the Geto Boys came after you with Horrorcore.

The Rap-A-Lot Family – we family for life. The others – like I said – you need others to blow up a genre. Shout out to Brotha Lynch Hung. Shout out to Esham. Shout out to Tech9ne. Shout out to ICP [Insane Clown Posse]. I just want to come together so we can blow up the genre the right way. This genre is big…and its over seas. All we got to do is do a tour, do an album and bring it to the forefront.

I noticed on you second album in the 90’s, there is a brother from the Nation of Islam on the intro of your second album. How does your faith work with the music you do?

ganksta nip psychic thoughtsI like knowledge so when I was introduced to Farrakhan, it was a wrap. But, I heard the brothers like Robert Muhammad and Brother Cornell X, Minister Lawrence. I just connected with them. It is what it is. Knowledge is power. Where there is no knowledge, there is no power. They don’t trip, because I am the Black Stephen [King]. Its just my job.

Back in the day, the lyrics you wrote were crazy! What was going on in your head at that time?

Well I went to this high school – Jesse H Jones High School in Houston. You know, there were a lot of rappers. And everybody was, you know, doing the same thing. I just really wanted to be different. I didn’t know that different was already a part of me. When I would write my rhymes, they would always sway to the left I kept developing it…Scarface introduced me to Lil J (J. Prince) on a Friday after I won 4 rap contests and I was signed Saturday morning. Saturday morning, I had like 30 grand in my pocket and I left in a BMW. And you know the dollar [value] was different from then until now.

Ganxta NIP Crazy Lyric #1: “I been poor all my life so I reach for the sky/ I regret I was born, I can’t wait ’til I die.” (“Action Speaks Louder Than Words.”)

Ganxta NIP Crazy Lyric #2: “A n***a snitched / He f**ked my connection / they found parts of his daddy’s head in every direction.” (“Get Out The Game”)

Ganxta NIP Crazy Lyric #3: “You mother f***ers said you think that I’m soft / That’s why you’ bleedin’ with a thousand dead rats in yo’ f##### mouth.” (“Psycho”)

Ganxta NIP Crazy Lyric #4: “A cop slapped my momma so I had to get mean/ they found his leg in his car, they found his head behind Walgreen’s.” (“Slaughter”)

Ganxta NIP Crazy Lyric #5: “F### with a psycho, you end up dead /Those who didn’t live, drowned in a turtle’s head.” (“Horror Movie Rap”)

Do you have a favorite, most outrageous line?

It would have to be, “Sittin’ in church, drinkin’ a 40 (oz) of Holy water.” (From the Rap-A-Lot song “Bring It On)

I love that song – you and Scarface were my favorites. What are your thoughts on current Hip-Hop?

I think it needs a little more substance, but my stronger view is anytime young Black men can use their talent to take care of their family is a major blessing. These young cats, they rapping, but they could be doing a lot of other things. If they are able to take care of their families, I’m with it.

Have you ever felt your music has a detrimental affect on young people?

Yes, but if you put it in the proper perspective, its just a horror movie. Again, that starts from home. If you listen to the first song on my album South Park Psycho, the first song is “Horror Movie Rap.” Its just a horror movie. Its not different than when you go to the Redbox and rent…”Devil’s Due” and all those movies. I just do it in rap form…i just have the visualization that they do.

Have you ever thought of doing an actual horror movie?

My manager is setting up a few things for me right now? Soundtracks. Roles. I have my own label, Psych Ward Entertainment. I’m always looking to be signed and take Horrorcore to new heights. I would like to be signed to Eminem.

Why do you like Eminem?

I like Eminem because Em is a great lyricist. When he came out, he was doing a splash of Horrorcore. And when he came out, it helped elevate the style. When he came into his own, he became a great lyricist. I like how he signed 50. I like how he takes care of his business. I think that would make a great fit.

ganxta nip-god of horrorcoreI’m sure he’s heard of you.

You cannot rap Horrorcore and not have heard of me. That’s asinine – I am the god. I am the creator.

On your song “Action Speaks Louder Than Words,” J. Prince refers to a “World Class Wrecking Crew homosexual disrespecting some real soldiers…(seemed to be a diss to Dr. Dre or N.W.A.)” What was going on with that situation.

Honestly, man, at that particular time, something happened. I really don’t like to speak on the thoughts that J. Prince may have. You would have to ask him. I was on Rap-A-Lot. I was young. I was raw and I was serious so I was just riding with my team. You would have to ask J that question. I don’t really get into, you know, stuff like that. I will say this, I was just riding with my team.

I asked Scarface the same question and I got the same exact answer.

I love J. Prince, whenever I needed…like in between royalties checks, if I needed something, he would always give me the money. Every time. So, me and J, we have a great history. I still got my Rap-A-Lot tattoo on my arm. So its Rap-A-Lot for live. If it wasn’t for J, I wouldn’t be able to create Horrorcore. You just learn over the years that you don’t speak on whatever J had going on or had going on. That’s really none of my business or anybody’s business. You feel me?

I definitely feel you.

I tell you right now. If he calls me, I’m coming. (Laughs maniacally.)

We’ll offer more from Ganxta NIP soon. Halloween is coming. 😉