Grand Master Jay Talks Ahmaud Arbery Case, Media Lies, The KKK And Lots Of Big Guns

Ahmaud Arbery was hunted and murdered in cold blood. If he had been armed, would things have been different?

(AllHipHop Features) The death of Ahmaud Arbery is not the only one, but it does represent something that continually perplexes those that care. Quite simply, it states that unarmed Black people can be harassed, beaten, killed, and even hunted by mere civilians. The case is still unfolding, but one group has been the most vocal about armed defense against people like Gregory and Travis McMichael. The father, a retired police officer, and the son stand accused of hunting and murdering Ahmaud in the streets of Brunswick Georgia.

Grand Master Jay is the leader of the NFAC, a group that exists in stark contrast to the normal response to vigilantism, police brutality, and outright domestic terrorism. The NFAC descended on Brunswick, Georgia with a show of force so powerful, social media viewers mistook them for the Black Panthers. In this heavily edited transcript, Grand Master Jay, an outspoken military man, explains his theories on why Arbery was hunted, the scene on the ground not explained in the media, the KKK presence, and why the NFAC exists at this moment. Full audio to the interview with Chuck Jigsaw Creekmur is below.

How Ahmaud Arbery Was Hunted…

Now for everybody who’s listening to my voice that knows nothing about gator hunting, who knows nothing about hunting in the swamps, this is how it’s done. It takes three people. You have one person who’s the driver and he’s the shooter. You got another guy who’s in the back, on the flatbed, he’s the spotter. He’s going to tell you where the prey is at. And you got another guy who follows him in case the prey goes the other way. That’s called a hunting triage. That’s what they did to him. So we go, so first thing is you all lying. Because there’s no way he could have known. There’s no way that you saw him from the house. And on top of that, it meant he didn’t just run up the street. My man had to cut through somebody’s yard to get on the other street. Which means you all was chasing him. There’s more to this story.

How The NFAC Pulled Up On The Scene

Okay. Now let me give you the last piece. Of course, you’ve seen this by now. But what we did realize is these good old folks were so unaccustomed to seeing melanated people in their neighborhood, that the moment we pulled up, even though people was bringing flowers and balloons and sentiments. The moment we pulled up, since we didn’t have no flowers, we didn’t have no balloons, we didn’t have a bible. We had guns and we had bullet proof vests, and we looked like we were in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Because all of us are ex-military. Every last one of us is ex-military. We are not making this up. This is what we do. They called the police immediately. And I would say the police were there within, I would say two minutes. I would have thought there would have been a police presence there, in the neighborhood, because of the media attention. And the neighborhood was completely empty when we got there. Like a regular day, like wasn’t nothing popping. Like this is not a big deal. When the police came, they came in the same way we did. They came down the same street. So there’s only one way in. I’m going to be honest with you my brother, but when Billy Bob and the good old boys saw what was down there, down the street, that’s another conversation, they would not engage us.

They wouldn’t even come near. They, matter of fact, their superiors came out, the police chief came out, the head of the criminal interdiction team came out. All of these big dogs came out and they pulled their boys out of there. They said, you all not going to win with these guys. The way we had, we blocked off the streets. You’re not coming down here and we’re in combat position. We ain’t breaking no laws. You all do it all the time. Okay. But this is black militia now while Shar and her people are doing they journalist sh#t. Okay. But what I notice was I can see how the boy got in trouble. Because the white lady who watched us get out our cars, she jumped on her phone immediately. They talk to each other if someone enters the neighborhood.

The KKK Presence:

So make a long story short, they have a relationship. They’re all members of the same Klan unit. Okay. And to prove it, while we were there the Klan showed up. But let me tell you what’s funny about the Klan down south. Because they don’t hide. The brothers (KKK) up in a burgundy Gran Torino with a sticker that said, The Grand Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. So they had to come out and see these boys. They had to come see us. But when they saw us, they too stopped at a certain distance, turned around and drove away. Again, this is a sundown town.

What Is The Message The NFAC IS Sending:

The second piece that you alluded to, was the message that we were trying to send. And the message is very, very simple. We tried marching with you, we tried singing with you, we tried voting with you, we tried talking to you. We talk round tables. We done sat down and had coalitions. We drawing up endless, useless resolutions. We propositioned 10 points to the president that never went nowhere. We’ve asked for the creation of a department of justice, department that handles race-related shootings. Never happened. So guess what? You all wanted to make America great again? The America that you’re trying to recreate is the America of the ’60s and ’50s. And we’re still trying to live in the America of the ’20s. Well since you all don’t want to seem to act like you’re in the ’20s, 2020, we going to act like we in the ’60s too. We going to take it back to what our people used to do.

You see some of you all are trying to be MLK. And we look like Malcolm. But you all keep forgetting what MLK said. White people always want to throw up in your face the “I Have a Dream” speech, as if that was the pinnacle of MLK’s, his work. But in 1968, he went on NBC and said, I feel that my dream has become a nightmare and that we have integrated into a burning house. And they killed him for that because he started to wake up. He realized we didn’t just need equal rights as human beings, we needed financial equality. We needed a place to stand as ourself and get ourselves together. They don’t want that.

So guess what? If you all can do it, we can do it too. When people hear about the NFAC – The Not F###### Around Coalition – that’s exactly what we are. Okay. So that all that other s###, you all can have that. Our message is very simple, we’re done. We’re done with you all. Point blank. We’re not trying to start nothing. We’re responding to what is happening to us. That boy getting shot down in the street, they beating a 14 kid, a grown-ass man beating a kid on the ground. They letting people out for social distancing but they head cracking. You know they shot the boy in Indianapolis 17 times -shot down until the gun was empty.

How much do you all expect us to take? Malcolm said be courteous and kind. But when they put they hands on you, you send them to the hospital or the morgue.

On The State Of Black Leadership:

So as far as leaders, we don’t have none. As far as we’re concerned. Because leaders can do two things. Number one, they can speak to power with consequences. Number two, they can also marshal their people to stand behind that decision. That’s what the leader does. Second, they can also build relationships with other like-minded leaders, who probably ain’t got nothing to do with it but they going to back you up. I’ll give you an example. If something happens to a China person, a person from China in the United States, China got a problem with it. If something happens to someone from Latin America, they got a problem. They’re a country that’s going to speak up. Yet of the 56 countries on the continent of Africa, if something happens to Chuck Creekmur right now for going to the 7-Eleven to get a mask. Now you shouldn’t be out, you should have been social distancing. But you went anyway because you need to get something. If something happens to you, no one speaks for you. No country is going to be in an uproar where the United States feel like we got to fix this. It doesn’t happen.

Last Words:

Let me leave you with this, Chuck. I find it commendable when I see things in the news about, for instance, Jay-Z wrote a letter. Okay. I thought it was commendable that T.I. and those guys went down to the courthouse. Good. And I find it admirable that folks still want to express their rage on social media. But folks, if that’s all you do, they going to look at you and say, “See what I told you? That’s all they going to do.” We’ve added another layer to it. You can expect to see us in your city, soon. We ain’t just going to keep sitting back doing… You all keep it… We’re not telling you all going to do what you all do. That’s cute. But we not about cute. We are the NFAC, The Not F###### Around Coalition. Please and blessings my brother.