Grandmaster Jay Explains NFAC’s Military Formation In Support Of Breonna Taylor

Grandmaster Jay & the NFAC heading to Kentucky to help speed up justice for Breonna Taylor.

(AllHipHop Features) Spectators might’ve noticed that when Black jogger Amaud Arbery was hunted and murdered by three white men, a group of armed military men emerged on the scene in response. There was no violence at that point despite Brunswick, GA being a hotbed for the KKK. When the NFAC re-emerged in Stone Mountain, Georgia on the Fourth of July, there was no violence. Again. In fact, at that time, the police officers yielded respect. Most large scale assemblies of people in protest have been chock full of discord, chaos, degrees of anarchy, and even total confusion.

One Grand Master Jay, the leader of the NFAC (Not F##king Around Coalition), has stepped to the forefront as an aggressive form of leadership that has not been prominent in recent memory. GMJ has managed to gain the attention of Black media, mainstream media, as well as masses of people in social media on a very surface level. However, all of that is insignificant to Grand Master Jay, who wants one thing for Black people: Liberation.

On Saturday, July 25th,  the center of attention will be Breonna Taylor. Taylor was a 26-year-old African-American emergency medical tech that was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police officers on March 13, 2020. She was in her own home when the officers burst in her home with a “no-knock” search warrant. She was hit at least eight time by officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove. Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC will convene another military formation in honor of Breonna Taylor to give the wheels of justice some much-needed oil. 

The NFAC leader talks to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about what he hopes to accomplish, the response of local government officials, as well as activists leading protests on the scene. He is not here for the BS. He is here to protect and serve his people by any means necessary. 

AllHipHop: Grandmaster Jay, how are you doing today, my brother?

Grandmaster Jay: Brother, I’m glad to be here. Glad to see you still see that you’re still Black. Can’t say that for too many others, but I’m glad to be here.

AllHipHop: Still Black, bro, it ain’t gonna change. So I wanna I want to jump let’s just jump right into it. I know you are a busy man I know that you have been on the frontlines in so many different ways, in thought as well as action. First things first, though, you have this this this formation coming in Louisville. In defense of Breonna Taylor. Can you tell our audience as well as others that may be watching from your words, why you are going there with your organization?

Grandmaster Jay: One word, frustration. We have sat back, and we have watched them (authorities) drag their feet (in the Breonna Taylor case). We have watched the lack of transparency as far as what’s going on. We have watched other people go in and try to demonstrate and protest or raise awareness around the issue. We have watched the lack of information that has not come out from the powers to be that in that area, and then we have watched the city pretty much just dissolve into a place of chaos. 

I’ve been to Louisville before, and I don’t remember remembering seeing it like that. So that means that there must be a serious problem. We have watched everyone from sports figures to entertainment celebrities call for the arrest of the officers that hasn’t happened. But most importantly, we have also watched what it appears to be a lack of a conversation by the rest of the world around the death of this young lady (Breonna Taylor). 

When everyone else was in an uproar over George Floyd and for a brief while they were in an uproar over Ahmaud (Arbery), it seems like Miss Taylor was lost somewhere in the discussion. So we decided that we needed to send a stronger message, and that that message needed to be not only seen but felt. And that the potential for a new level of resistance that hasn’t been seen in America in over 60 years, that they didn’t think existed anymore, that they thought that they had eradicated from the public psyche, that that was not the case. 

We have been we’re not new. We’ve been coming for a minute. And now it would seem that it would be only logical for us to have our formation in Louisville and to open up a dialogue with the Attorney General. The governor As the mayor, the police chief, everyone else involved in finding out what exactly is going on. And what is the holdup and what appears to many people to be a cut and dry case of a police screw up. And that is why that’s the motivation for us. descending as I’ve seen the newspapers call it upon this town when in actuality, just like any militia, we’re holding a formation.

For the rest of the conversation with Grandmaster Jay, watch the video above or click here.