Gunplay Unhinged: MMG’s Mad Man Talks Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Stitches, & Bibles

Unfiltered Gunplay. That. Is. All.

Gunplay could be the most interesting man in rap – true story. Some may balk because most people are wrapped up in the current-day celebrity of rap or the corny beefs or the plague of social media. The Miami native stands among a few that are actually captivating, polarizing conversation pieces on the merits of their real-life personas. Rick Ross. 50 Cent. Stitches. Bibles. Atheism. And then there is is album Living Legend, which has been hitting the streets hard.

AllHipHop got with Gunplay at a recent show, which was wild and lawless, and without a doubt – he goes in. Here are a few excerpts with the full video below:

On Rick Ross: “He’s gonna be the case. There’s too much money and power and good people in play. Its a balloon to blimp, pimp.”

On 50 Cent: “I took off on 50 Cent, because it was years of built up tension that I had. I don’t know 50 Cent. I respect him. He just like me. We coming from the mud. It ain’t no problems. I got it outta my system.”

On Meek Mill:
“I respect Meek Mill. He’s f**kin’ the baddest b*tch in the game – the dopest female lyricist in the game. The richest b*tch in the game. How can I hate on that? There ain’t no L’s. Just like fat boy said – ain’t nobody get bodied. With me? Ain’t no comeback diss records.”

The conversation with Gunplay doesn’t stop there. The 30-something gives his take on Hip-Hop, his evolution into Don Logan, Hip-Hop’s weird new way and even that kid Stitches from his hometown. He’s even working on his next album, which could have one of the most controversial titles ever. Check out Gunplay.