G.Fisher X Kidd Called Quest: Gangstas & Hustlas


“I didn’t choose this life, this life choose me.” It’s a phrase that’s been echoing through Hip-Hop for as long as most of us can remember. Kids from every hood everywhere speak to their lives as if a guidance councilor assigned them a permanent job in the trap.

But what happens when street life is your legacy? When the corners have been calling you by your name, a name that’s been legendary since before you were born. What do you do when the life has actually chosen you? If you’re G.Fisher the rapper, son of Guy Fisher: the legendary gangster from uptown NYC? You do what you were born to do, hustle.

With more behind his green eyes than some my guess, G.Fisher took every experience from that life, from pimping to selling, and brought it with him into the booth. The result was a dream run through the NYC’s Hip/Hop scene that saw the Bronx native working with the All-Star squad known as DITC and receiving rare praise from every important DJ in New York, including a legendary one named Premier.

After a brief timeout to handle his real life role as a parent, the father of five is back to continue his rise from hood star to household name. With appearances on Sway in the morning and spins on Hot 97 promoting his new single “Gangstas & Hustlas” from the upcoming joint album with Kidd Called Quest “BX Roc” rebuilding up his buzz, his stardom seems all but assured. But this time, the music includes a mission to get his father, the currently incarcerated Guy Fisher, the man who was informed on by Nicky Barns, clemency.

“He said it was over a woman but its just cause he wanted out,” G says of the notorious Harlem snitch. “The proof is Nicky testified”. With 6 months left in Obama’s term, the time is now to bring a non-violent icon home. “My father earned a doctorate in jail,” G states. “He’s paid his debt to society and then some. He can do more good out here than in there.”

“Out here” is where the mission starts. Let the games begin.