Halloween: The Scariest People in Hip-Hop

Today’s typical Hip-Hop artist acts like as if there is nothing to fear, but God, death or the IRS. But truth be told, a little fear lurks within us all and for good reason – some of our people are quite intimidating. Though violence is never to be condoned, we all enjoy a good scare. […]

Today’s typical Hip-Hop artist acts like as if there is nothing to fear, but God, death or the IRS. But truth be told, a little fear lurks within us all and for good reason – some of our people are quite intimidating. Though violence is never to be condoned, we all enjoy a good scare. That said, this Halloween, instead of robbing kids for trick-or-treats with Bushwick Bill, we decided to ask around – who’s the scariest person in Hip-Hop? Tony Yayo, Ras Kass, El-P, and a host of others weigh in. Through Crunk, Gangsta Rap and Underground Hip-Hop, there is a common thread – fear. [The AHH IllCommunity also weighs in – Click here for the digital mob opinion!]

50 CENT: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was a poll favorite. Many queried found fright in 50’s own fearlessness.

Tony Yayo: “Nobody scares me. I think G-Unit is the most intimidating group around, because when we come around, everybody acts weird. Yeah, they’re scared of G-Unit. We some good guys, but we do what we do.

Speech of Arrested Development: “50 is scary, man. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop him.”

C-Rayz Walz: “He is totally unpredictable. He keeps his word about his visions, and he is the most powerful Black man in America. He overstands business and he is rich! If he pointed the youth in a direction, any direction – they would follow as soon as possible. That’s power. Ask the C.I.A.”

FACT: 50 Cent’s SUV is not only bulletproof, it’s bombproof. The Queens rapper has recently expanded his fearsome empire to clothing, sneakers, books, video games, and film.

SUGE KNIGHT AND FREDDIE FOXXX: But there are two individuals, one from Long Island, and one from Compton, that seem to play on classic, shivers and trembles type of fear. Freddie Foxxx aka “Bumpy Knuckles” and Marion “Suge” Knight. One has long been rumored to ruin many a label office, while another found ordinary office props like telephones and filing cabinets, and reportedly used them in new and interesting ways.

Ras Kass: “I think most industry motherf**kas would say, Suge Knight. Well, he always seemed like a cool dude to me. You know, I’m acquainted with Suge, whatever, but just apparently scares the s**t out of all them n***as. It’s funny to me. Freddie Foxxx will beat your ass. But see, to me, Freddie Foxxx is not a bully. Freddie Foxxx is just a real n***a, so if you talkin’ some bulls**t, he will beat your ass. Real recognize real. Those are the two jack-o-lanterns of the industry.”

El-P, of Def Jux Records: “I think it’s pretty obvious that Suge Knight would have to be [the scariest person in Hip-Hop]. Freddie Foxxx is a scary dude; Freddie Foxxx is an ill motherf**ker, but just in terms of overall name recognition, pure fear, Suge Knight.”

FACT: Suge Knight played on the practice squad as a Defensive End for the then Los Angeles Rams. He has piranha fish as well as dogs in his office at Death Row.

Slug of Atmosphere: “I once had the opportunity to be on a panel discussion with Freddie Foxxx. His fists were the size of my head. Every answer I would give required me to be a class-clown of some sort, and every answer he gave was, ‘You should knock someone the f**k out.’ I will put him down as one of the scariest Hip-Hop people I’ve ever met – not because he was mean to me, but because when someone can be nice to you and still scare the s**t out of you – that is gangster.”

J-Live: “A lot of people are scared of Bumpy Knuckles. I don’t know him that well, but just from the people that I know, they speak about him with fear in their voice nine times out of ten. He definitely has an aura about his name, his [reputation] is definitely heavy.”

Oddisee, Maryland-born producer: “I’ve done four tracks for [Foxxx]. He’s the scariest dude in Hip-Hop, because he actually has done, or will do what he talks about. You’ve got to worry about the people who are quiet in real life. You know how he be screaming all over his tracks? He’s a real quiet dude in real life.”

FACT: The name “Bumpy Knuckles” was given to Freddie Foxxx by a female witness during one of Foxxx’s storied industry shakedowns. Freddie Foxxx has repeatedly referenced his penchant for carrying two pistols wherever he goes.


Sean Price of Duck Down: “He’s a rappin’ midget with one eye, that’s why!”

FACT: Bushwick Bill’s eye was lost as a result of a self-induced gun injury and rolls with a Chuckie Doll.


Q-Unique, Uncle Howie Records: “He is the epitome and creator of Death Rap. Listen to ‘Beautiful Music for You to Die To.’ What makes him scary is that he’s serious. A lot of people shrug it off as dark comedy, but it isn’t.”

LYRIC: “Now learn from the best, before I burn the ‘cess, Light you up and fire first, puff a fattie of your burning flesh” – Necro, “Rugged S**t”


Grand Daddy I.U.: “Ever since I saw him on a rampage at the Cold Chillin’ office f**king up [label co-owner] Lenny Fitchelberg. He just started choking that n***a throwin’ s**t, and screaming ‘bout some dough [which] I don’t even think Lenny owed him, he just wanted it.” [Just Ice wasn’t available to respond to the alleged choke out.]

FACT: A former bouncer, Just-Ice was first arrested at the age of twelve. In 1987, he was held by Washington D.C. police for the murder of a drug dealer in 1987. He was never convicted.


Illseed, of AllHipHop.com: “I don’t know what everybody else is saying, but there is no scarier or crazier rapper than Ganksta Nip, the South Park Psycho! I used to listen to his dude with my friends and we wondered if he would rub off on us and make us insane. I think he did. Anyway, he raps about ‘trisexual intercourse with a muthaf***kin’ pigeon’ for goodness sake. Not only does he make groups like The Gravediggaz sound like Dora the Explorer, he says that ‘it takes 852 jail cells to hold me.’ If I ever see Nip, I’m going to cross the street and hide behind a tree.”

LYRIC: "Ganksta Nip, I can’t be beat my momma hit me yesterday, her funeral’s next week" – Gangsta Nip, “Rough Brothers from South Park.


Luckyiam.PSC of the Living Legends: “I don’t wanna say the scariest ‘cause my momma said don’t be afraid of no man, but Jimmy The Henchman seems to be a very well connected person, therefore someone who should not be f**ked with!”

FACT: Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond is Haitian born, and worked with both Tupac and Biggie, before managing artists like The Game, Mario Winans, and Sharissa. Henchmen was reportedly the force behind numerous uprisings in Hip-Hop, including the recent “G-Unot” and “Stop Snitching” campaigns.

SCARIEST? SUGE KNIGHT AND FREDDIE FOXXX! Don’t take our word for it, click here and join in the discussion in the Ill Community message boards.