Hip-Hop Rumors: RAPE? What Rapper Is Accused Of Rape?


Right now, for legal reasons, I cannot disclose the name of the artist that is accused of rape. But, this is about to hit like a bomb and will leave bodies in the street. But a woman has come forward to accuse a NEW YORK RAPPER of rape. Read below. Recently, this rapper has seen a resurgence and that resurgence prompted the expose. As always, innocent until proven guilty, but this is certain to get addressed very soon. I will say that this guy has a pretty good track record for doing music with a decidedly positive flair.

it makes me sick to my stomach that this man has any shine whatsoever.

in 2007 I was interning at [a well-known studio] in NYC.

He was always in there with [a super well known producer] recording and writing for his album ironically called — (DAMN, I CAN’T SAY!)

It was around Christmas time and they invited me and some of the other interns to a party out in (A CERTAIN AREA OF NY) where he lives.

The party was at a restaurant. It was nice. The people were nice.

I shouldn’t have gone out there in the first place, but I was 18 and naive.

After the party he asks me to drive him home because he was drunk and that he’d have a car waiting for me at his townhome.
in the car he was being rude and shouting a bunch of crazy things.. not even sure of what anymore. I was driving the wrong way, wrong turns, then i wasnt, then i was. then he was hungry.. idk.

as we pulled into his neighborhood he started touching me and being VERY aggressive. physically and verbally. I was terrified. He then took my phone away.
I finally get to his house and he pulled me out of the car by my arms then hair. I was crying so hard that I couldn’t even function.
he threw me inside of his townhouse and got on top of me trying to have sex with me. he slapped me in the face and told me to shut up and that I should feel fortunate because he was in a relationship with (A FAMOUS ACTRESS THAT’S SO HOT NOW)???

he pulled my dress up and pulled his pants down and said “lets make a little girl” “dont you want my little girl”

I grabbed one of his phones and ran into the bathroom and called the police.
they came and took me to a cab. They filed a report but I never pressed charges.

For months after this day he would write to me threatening my life. He’d text me daily saying that I deserved to die and that he prays God never gives me a gift of a child because I dont even deserve my own life let alone to create a new one.

If this story is picked up and he somehow sees it, he will know who I am. but that doesn’t matter to me now. I’m 25, married, have a child and am pregnant with our second.

But the truth should be told about this disgusting human being.


when I called the cops all I said on the phone was the address and that I needed help.

It was a traumatic night and I was eager to get out of there. When they came to the door he was trying to tell them that I was his girlfriend and we were having a dispute. I grabbed my purse and got out of there as fast as I could.

I didnt want to press charges and end up in court, and the news, and constantly relive this. be attacked over and over. I was scared. and young. and a part of me didnt want all of my peers to hate me for something that just happened to happen. weakness is the answer to your questions.

He had my number from the whole talk of this Christmas party.

I have the texts from him still on an old laptop in case of everything, but I changed my number not too long after.

I could still pull up his myspace messages to this day


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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