Hulu Debuts New Original Series “Woke”

The Hulu Original Series “Woke” explores the very popular and loosely used term, its relativity  to everyday life and its meaning to individuals in both the black and white communities.

The comedic-drama series in which actor Jamorne Morris stars as Keef, follows an African-American cartoonist on the brink of mainstream success when an unexpected event changes his life.

After getting tackled to the ground by a group of cops in a case of mistaken identity, Keef is forced to abandon his non-confrontational outlook on the world. He must now navigate the new voices and ideas that he’s confronted with moving forward.

Blake Anderson co-stars as “Gunther”, Keefs best friend and comedian T. Murph plays the friend who personifies the devils advocate, “Clovis”.


All 8 episodes are streaming now, only on Hulu. Watch the cast interview below.