Ill Will, A Ward, Ahdi Boom, Charron, And Others Battle It Out In Atlanta At “The Getback”

Check out this recap of Rare Breed Entertainment’s “The Getback” at the Music Room in Atlanta.

Saturday was a legendary day for battle rap as Rare Breed Entertainment hosted ‘The Getback’ at the Music Room in Atlanta, Georgia. Battle rap fans and junkies would have gotten their money’s worth for the 8 hours worth of battle rap that took place. 10 battles took place between 20 skilled lyricists and MC’s. 

Atlanta’s own KT squared up against Bridgeton New Jersey’s own Floss Da Boss to kick off the day of battle rap. KT started the battle strong but Floss came through even stronger with even harder bars to win the first round. Floss would go on to sweep the rest of the battle and come out victorious. 

The only female battle was between H-town bred rapper Lady J and Blve Cocaine. Lady J came out strong in the first round and so did Blve, who even started her set off by using a ladder to look down on her opponent. In a close first round, Blve Cocaine took it home. In the second round, extensive gunplay and female anatomy bars were thrown around with Blve Cocaine winning the second and third rounds as well. 

The third battle was between ATL’s own Wavyington and Florida battle rapper Bone Carr. The third battle was only one round. Bone Carr came out strong, and Wavyington looked as if he was going to take the battle home. However, after stopping for some water, he lost and could not regain the same momentum. Bone Carr came out on top. 

The next battle was between Charlotte bred rapper Zay and Toledo, Ohio mc P.A.Y.N.E. Like the third battle, this one was also one round as well. Zay took this one home through his delivery and gunplay metaphors. P.A.Y.N.E. had a very solid performance as well but failed to capture the crowd like Zay. P.A.Y.N.E.’s sister/personal hype man was onstage with her brother and was letting the crowd know when her brother’s bars were going over the audience’s head. 

The next battle between Rosenberg Raw and Snake Eyez was one of the more entertaining battles of the day. Snake Eyez started off strong in the first, coming with quick delivery and hard bars that caught the crowd’s attention. Rosenberg Raw came through and began to poke fun at Snake Eyez’s visual impairment, jokingly putting on an eyepatch to even the playing field. Rosenberg walked off with the first round, but Snake Eyez came through even harder for the second round taking off with a win and evening the score 1-1. However, Snake Eyez approach began to wear on the crowd, leaving Rosenberg Raw to win the third round and the battle. 

The sixth battle was between Brooklyn native Showoff and Michigan’s own Mackk Myron. Showoff started the battle off hard, delivering gunplay metaphors that were out of this world and had the audience going crazy. However, Mackk came through aggressive but more humorous approach, making fun of Showoff’s singing career while using extensive movie and tv show metaphor bars and winning the round by saying to Showoff that he will “lick yo mamas ass and spit in yo face.” Showoff came looking for blood in the second round coming even harder having an aerosol and Pistol Pete metaphor that had the crowd going nuts. Mackk’s approach didn’t change much in the second round, evening the score to 1-1. In the top of the third round, Showoff stayed with the aggressive approach, but Mackk Myron came through even harder, with even more jokes about Showoff’s singing career and using gunplay and cartoon character metaphor bars that had had the audience saying “you can’t spell smack without the Mackk in it!” by the end of the battle. 

The longest and most electrifying battle was between Canada native Charron and ATL bred battle rapper Chef Trez. Charron started the battle off spitting for about 8 minutes straight. Just in the first round, Charron cut deep, basically calling Trez on his battle rap abilities and calling him a one-trick pony. He seemed to have won over the crowd. But if there’s anything you can say about Trez, is that his ability to rebuttal is something out of this world. Who would’ve thought after the berating Trez took from Charron that Trez would have been able to come back. This back and forth between two battle rap heavyweights followed for the next two rounds. The fourth round was a freestyle round and had the two going back and forth four bars at a time. By the end, it was hard to pick a winner even though it seemed like more of a draw. 

The next battle was between Virginia bred Bigg K and New Jersey native Ah Di Boom. Bigg K started the first round off by passing around what seemed to be legal papers stemming from Ah Di’s legal case that landed him in prison for 2 years. Bigg K labeled Ah Di as a snitch, but Ah Di was able to flip the script and would spend the next 2 rounds dropping bars calling Bigg K a racist and talking about the American justice system as well as how his incarceration impacted him and his family. By then end, Bigg K’s reveal he pulled at the beginning would backfire on him, leaving Ah Di victorious. 

The second to last battle of the night was between Kansas City native A.Ward and Los Angeles bred battle rapper Danny “Bar God” Myers. Christianity was a big theme throughout the whole battle. Myers started off by dropping some of the best bars of the night, utilizing Christian metaphors and talking about A.Ward being white. However, A.Ward is known for his rebuttal ability, which is what allowed him to walk off with the first two rounds. In the third round, Ward talked about Myers’s personal family issues and used Ward’s metaphor for a parallel universe against him, allowing him to walk off with a win. 

The last battle of the night was between legends 40 Cal and Ill Will. The nearly an hour-long battle began with 40 Cal rapping for nearly 10 minutes straight. Ill Will started his set off a little differently, talking to Mackk Myron, who was also on stage, pretending to cook some grits. He then turned around and finally acknowledged 40 and began his tirade. Will won the first round as 40’s raps seemed to run too long for the crowd, resulting in the crowd losing interest. In the last two rounds, 40 tried started rapping about Will’s family issues, calling will a deadbeat dad for leaving his baby mama while she was still pregnant and saying how even though Nas won the beef between him and Jay-Z, Hov still had sex with Nas’s baby mama, insinuating that 40 is doing the same to Will’s. At one point towards the end of 40s, last round set his squad even dropped a beat and 40 started rapping to it. However, Will came out on top by discrediting everything 40 said and making fun of him for taking care of kids that aren’t his.