Jay-Z And Kanye West Defy The Laws Of Chemistry

The Hip Hop Duo Is Dead? Not For These Two

The dynamic duo that is Jay and Kanye is certainly an enigma that on the surface may boggle the minds of even the brightest individuals. As you all may know basic chemistry states that some things just don’t mix. For example, no matter how hard you shake that bottle that oil and water is just not going to mix. It’s not of its design. It’s not of its nature. The common man looking on the surface of Jay and Kanye’s relationship may the same thing. One’s low key and reserved, the other is bold and boisterous. One’s street, the other may not be so much. And yet it works. Despite these differences, these creative powerhouses have come together to create an abundance of quality, classic music over the years. Showing that even the most disparate, polarized ideals can coalesce to form greatness, bringing exultation to a flourishing culture adored by so many.

It all started at The Roc with Jay Z on the mic and Yeezy on the boards. Through this budding relationship many hits were produced such as, “Izzo (HOVA)”, “03 Bonnie &Clyde”, “Encore”, (one of my personal favorites), as well as the historic and controversial “Takeover”. And who could forget summer of 2009 with the bold, brash anthem “Run This Town” roaring through the streets, guitar cutting straight to the heart like an adrenaline shot. Also, last but not least the grandest creation of the duo, ‘Watch the Throne’. Released August of 2011 this project featured smash hits “N##### and Paris” and “Otis”, as well as the Frank Ocean featuring, “No Church in the Wild”, and much needed social commentary of a favorite, “Murder to Excellence”.

The history speaks for itself, not only are Jay Z and Kanye legends in their own right, but in collaboration they also form one of the most influential duos that Hip Hop has ever seen. So whatever distinctions that appear or conflicts that arise make sure to keep in mind the universal language of music. Often times the greatest creations are the product of the most odd, contrasting combinations.