Hov’s Unseen Hand: The 10 Best Songs Jay Z Is Rumored To Have Ghostwritten


In an announcement made last week, it was revealed that Jay Z will be the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The president of the organization, Linda Moran, said, “Jay Z is pop music, but presents it in a different manner.  This just shows that we accept it and acknowledge that. It’s a step into the future. We can’t nurture young songwriters if we can’t accept them and grow with them.”

Jay is definitely responsible for crafting some of the best songs ever.  “Can I Live.”  “D’Evils.” “Where I’m From.”  The list goes on.  However, in addition to writing stellar material for himself, he has been a successful writer for others as well. On “Ride or Die,” he even proclaimed, “S. Carter, ghost writer / And for the right price, I can even make yo s**t tighter.”

So to celebrate Jay Z’s induction into such as prestigious group, AllHipHop.com has compiled a list of the best records that he has supposedly put together for others.  His contribution to songwriting via his own tracks is undeniable, so here is a reminder of other things he may have helped compose that also prove why is one of music’s all-time great lyricists.

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