Jermaine Dupri Exposes Black Republicans And Talks Kanye West & Ice Cube

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“I know other Black Republicans that speak the same language Kanye speaks. “

(AllHipHop Features) Life in the United States is begining to feel like a really catastrophic, dystopian reality show and, as the presidential election looms, the finale approaches. But 2o2o is not a bad season of “Survivor.” Joe Biden and Donald Trump are merely the tip of the iceberg as a myriad of matters press down on the America public. For Black America, the crushing weight can feel like being at the bottom of the ocean. Lives lost. Injustice. Murder. Gross inequities. Covid-19. 2020.

Regardless, the presidential election and all that comes with it, seems to be the start of something, depending on what issues are of value to the person casting a vote. Jermaine Dupri, the near-omniscient music/tv/entertainment mogul, will be voting this November, leaning sharply in Joe Biden’s direction. Neither nominee has an easy battle ahead nor are Black people on one accord.

Dupri, Ice Cube and Kanye West represent how divergent the so-called Black community is, in thought, deed, ideologies and sometimes duplicitous motivations.  And the stakes are high enough to catch a contact. AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur spoke to Jermaine Dupri and the Atlanta ambassador delves into the complexity of it all.

Jermaine Dupri: There are a lot of conversations going on. There are a lot of conversations going on. With this election, it’s important to highlight it’s not being ignored. It’s important to highlight the minio-conversations being discussed amongst the people, amongst Black people. Black men, everything.

AllHipHop: Do you think there’s a misconception that a lot of people are not being heard by Joe Biden? Or maybe they don’t quite believe feel like they are being heard? 

100%. In the old ways, they don’t always share that they are being heard so you are left yo believe you aren’t. The selection is the one where all of that should change. 

We got a lot of undercover Black people that voted for Trump. We got a lot of Black people that don’t wanna vote. Period. People that don’t like either one of the candidates. Those two issues are just as big as anything else. A lot of that comes from Trump’s angle to get in office. Trump would go at people the way Hillary Clinton would not go at people. He was going at people the way Obama and Biden would not go at people. That’s what won people over, so I feel like that same energy has to go in this election. Everything has to be discussed and things have to be talked about. And things that are happening in the streets, it’s a must that people feel like they are being heard.

I feel like the reason Kanye wants to run [for president] and the reason Kanye supports Donald Trump is another issue that has not been addressed enough for people to understand what’s going on. People just think Kanye is crazy. Right? Meanwhile, I know other Black Republicans that speak the same language Kanye speaks. 

It’s really a knowledge game. People have to read and people have to get in front of other people that are speaking, and listen. Kanye has been told why he has to be a Republican. He’s been told to be a Republican because of his money. Because of the money he makes and other Black Republicans that I know they speak the same language. They speak the exact same language. The average Black person on the street that doesn’t read, and doesn’t have friends that are Republican, they just look at it like “Oh Kanye, you’re crazy. This guy is crazy. Why are you voting for him?” They make it a Black and white thing. Politics is not black and white. It’s not black and white! Donald Trump was a Democrat. We are so quick to make it into that, like “Kanye, you’re not for the Black people.”

Then that goes into what Ice Cube is saying. “Black people shouldn’t assume the Black people are just going to vote for them.” It’s not a black or white thing. It shouldn’t even be addressed like that.

There is so much dialogue that is needed. 

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