Jordan the Stallion Talks Cocoa Mint Holiday Shake Collaboration With Kevin Hart’s Hart House

Head over to Hart House now!

Photo credit: Hart House courtesy DKC News

Jordan the Stallion recently paid a visit to Kevin Hart at his Hart House restaurant in Hollywood. To kick off his new LTO Cocoa Mint Holiday shake, Jordan gave Kevin some fun tips as the President of the Fast Food Secrets Club.

Jordan the Stallion is a celebrated content creator with a global fan base exceeding 23 million. His dynamic presence on TikTok has earned him over 11 million followers and over 2.6 billion views, thanks to his innovative content and signature single-zoom-in technique. Founder of The Fast Food Secrets Club ®, Jordan combines candid storytelling with insider industry insights, resonating deeply with his audience.

Jordan’s authenticity and engaging persona have captivated a vast and loyal community and now a collaboration with Hart House, whose mission is to be “plant-based for the people.” Unlike yesterday’s burgers-and-fries joint, Hart House ingredients are 100% plant-based and REAL, with a menu featuring plant-based burg’rs, chick’n sandwiches, salads, nuggets, fries, tots and milkshakes all with no antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, preservatives, or high-fructose corn syrup.

AllHipHop’s Rea Davis had a chance to speak with Jordan about his new collaboration with Hart House.

Check out the interview below!

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