Kendrick Lamar Confirms Working With Beat Legend Just Blaze


During Kendrick Lamar’s visit to NYC for his Sneaker Pimps performance this past Friday night (November 11), caught up with the young Compton rapper to talk about the alleged upcoming Just Blaze produced single slated to drop next week.

Just Blaze took to Twitter Thursday (November 10) to announce the news as he tweeted, “Me and @kendricklamar single next week maybe? Maybe. I dunno.”

“Me and Just Blaze been working on some s**t,” the young Compton spitter explained. “We have a possible on in the can.”

Lamar connected with the producer during a studio session with Dr. Dre.

“We was in a studio session one day and you know I introduced myself as a new artist man, humbling myself you know because Just [Blaze] is in the building.”

“How you doing sir, I’m Kendrick Lamar and I’m out your way,” Lamar says finishing with a laugh. “The next studio session, you know he wanted to work so it was a honor, I jumped in.”

No song title is confirmed for the single as of yet.

Not present in the video, but Lamar denied the rumored track with Dr. Dre allegedly titled “Compton City,” which was also said to be produced by Just Blaze. The song was rumored to be the next single off of Detox.

However, Lamar says that it’s nothing more than a “rumor.”